My Thoughts Guy Yuki and Ako Hayasaka

I really can't help but include these two into the "Best Sentai Couple" match-up poll which I think is kind of weird of me, but I did it anyway. Why? Well who can remember episode 20? It was that episode where they pretend to get married before a REAL ordained minister to get their vows done with and well, they even attempt to kiss and Guy Yuki feels like it's nothing to kiss Ako Hayasaka (who is I think around 18 that time since they do have at least seven or eight years gap) to trap the monster, even gave an eager face (while still liking Kaori Rokumeikan).

What's my point? Well it seems that even before that scenario that Ako Hayasaka developed a crush on Guy Yuuki. Later I can remember at one point, Guy Yuuki tries to ask Kaori Rokumeikan on a date but it was her who shows up and wants Raita Ooshi to keep silent about Kaori Rokumeikan, probably she wanted Guy Yuuki to notice her. She has no problem butting into Guy Yuuki who at first, treats her like a little sister he has to protect throughout the series. Well of course, he can treat her rather roughly because she can get on his nerves especially when Ako Hayasaka likes to tease him. The two were a duo but never officially became a couple except in my own imagination.

Well I think that while it never materialized in Jetman, it somewhat materialized in Boukenger seeing these similarities in Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya. Inou Masumi acts tough, has a rivalry with the red ranger, somewhat has a crush on Sakura Nishihori (an idea not take too far) and he has a rivalry with an android, only his is darker and he's got more darkness in him than Guy Yuuki. Natsuki Mamiya like Ako Hayasaka acts like a little girl but does it more so. In fact, before this, I even wrote an entry dedicating to them entitled, "Of Darkess and Light: Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya".


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