Sentai Acting

The fact is Super Sentai has a mixed variety of actors and I think I can classify them as:

The inexperienced ones at the start cast members- They are the ones who usually play as the rangers/warriors in the show. I think it has to do that MOST of the time is that these cast members are usually newbies so they really don't know how to act better yet. Some of them had been guest stars previously in other Tokusatsu for one episode prior to their main cast inclusion. However a classic sentai case happens that when they shift from "below par" to "good" because it seems Sentai gives them a classic edge if they ever want to enter into the action cinema. I think it's just appropriate though because the show features young heroes so we can't expect their fighting to be that awesome all at once. :-P

Some newer cast members in Sentai already had acting experience prior to their Sentai roles. For example, Toshihide Wakamatsu can really act Guy Yuuki well, in fact from the five main cast members in Jetman, he brings out the best talent. Some Sentai actors/actresses were able to really bring their characters to life. To say no Sentai acting is good for me just isn't right.

The experienced ones are there. They have either acted in previous Sentai or other Tokusatsu genre, acted in other types of genre like action movies or J-drama. They are already kind of kick ass and fortunately enough, Kenji Ohba was still interested to play in Gekiranger. These are the ones who can really act well.


  1. Yeah, I always praised toku acting, mainly because I felt like anyone and everyone could do it. It was just much easier than Hollywood quality acting. Of course Hollywood acting is considered the best, but I felt like they were just meant for the best of the best actors. That's why I love toku acting. It's just lots of fun. Everyone can do it. And there can be good toku acting and below par toku acting. Love it. It's lots of fun. :D

  2. thats not really the case most of the guys in super sentai are actors, from musicals and that kinda stuff so it's not accurate that you say they are newbies..


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