Sentai Series I Feel Were Inspired by Role Playing Video Games

I feel like a few series in Super Sentai were probably inspired by the RPG (role-playing game) genre one way or another and here are they:

Turboranger despite the theme of high school students' challenges had some enemies that were typically from an RPG game.

Zyuranger is kind of close. Despite the dinosaur theme, the show also focused on mystical weapons rather than technical ones taking the story back to an ancient war. In fact, I find Bandora to be a typical enemy found in RPG games.

Dairanger well is almost like Chinese-based RPG. I feel like Koei must have been popular by that time. This one featured not only martial arts but different uses of ki power against the enemies.

Kakuranger well.. a Japan-based RPG. :-P

Gingaman was yet another. This time, series itself involved spell-casting among its members in battle.

Gaoranger in itself had an RPG-like concept with Gao Rock, the Orgs and their mentor Tetomu. In fact, collecting the power animals was kind of like an RPG quest for me.

Magiranger takes it far off because the series itself contained A LOT of crazy spells in battle as well as enemies closer to Final Fantasy.

Not really but the Boukengers were always in search of items they called Precious that would resemble weapons or items in a role playing video game like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest though they were more technological.

Shinkenger well... the battle with the Gedoushu is a more Japanese RPG.

As of current, Goseiger feels like Dragon Quest IX in a way with the concept of the Gosei Angels.


  1. Man, you'd think some one out there could actually try making some good video games out of these! XD

    Though I wonder. How would a Super Sentai game work?


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