Liveman's Would've Been Members and Go-onger's Go-on Wings

Valsag Fantasy wrote on his blog on the would've been Liveman team (Note: Other types of fiction included).

In Liveman episode one, we had two potential Livemen members Takuji Yano and Mari Aikawa who sadly got killed at the start. They could've have been part of the Liveman team. Takuji Yano could have been the first violet ranger but the idea never materialized until Gekiranger where a rather awesome character namely Gou Fukami was built from that concept. Their deaths left tears in the eyes of Megumi/Blue Dolphin in Liveman. This may have inspired the creation of Gem and Gemma who were supposedly dead but had survived.

Later on in Go-onger which I consider to be another Liveman tribute despite it being lighthearted, these two rather cool siblings Hiruto and Mio Suto were added. They were known as the Go-on Wings. Instead of being as comedic as most of the team, the two were kind of bad-ass rangers themselves. Both of them are ESP much like Jasmine/Deka Yellow in Dekaranger. Also, Mio introduced the first female silver ranger. With them, the Go-ongers become a seven ranger team which could have happened in Liveman before. They add seriousness to a rather intended to be funny series.

When they came, I even began to think, "Is Go-onger despite its funny intentions fulfill Liveman's would've been team with these two?"