Weekly Fight Results as of April 4, 2010

Finally the fight results are in:

Fight 1- Bandora vs. Gorma XV
The winner is Bandora by 12/21 points against the Emperor's 9/21 points. The Gorma Emperor just let his guard down. Blam. The Gorma Emperor relies too much on power but Bandora always has a trick on her sleeve. Bandora was exiled but thanks to Priprican, she gets the Gorma Emperor to fall for her and thus she conquered his heart!

Fight 2- Cotporos vs. Golems
The Cotporos defeat the Golems by 11/19 points. They'll beat the crap out of the golems anytime with their real fighting skills plus they have NO big weak spot that would allow a one hit kill unlike the Hidrers from Changeman and Lord Zedd's putties. The Cotporos beat up the Golems and finally they're aiming to crush the Zyurangers next!

Fight 3- Ragorn vs. Exhaus
Exhaus won by 12/21 votes. Yup Exhaus did what Ragorn wasn't able to do. During the final battle, he managed to wipe out the Carrangers' mecha (but ironically they were repaired after the battle despite the fact they were too badly damaged) and it took an incredibly difficult shot of expired imo-youkan to weaken him. On the other hand Ragorn was beaten by the Turborangers far too easily in the final episode. I don't even think Riki Honoo could beat Exhaus in a one-on-one battle.

Fight 4- Ramu and Gogu vs. Gai and Rei
Gai and Rei win by 12/21 votes. Why? Let's think about it- the Questers have bad-ass armor, bad-ass moves and are more of a threat than Ramu and Gogu ever were in Jetman. Plus, they design their own Veronica robots WEEKLY causing serious problems to the Boukenger. Even without Quester mode, Gai and Rei will still beat Ramu and Gogu.

Fight 5- Zimba and Jarmin vs. Griforther and Lami
Griforther and Lamie win by 14/19 votes. Yup we get it that these two are far more fearsome a couple than Zimba and Jarmin ever were. Griforther could beat the crap out of Zimba anytime and so would Lamie against Jarmin.

Fight 6- Daimaou vs. N-Ma
N-Ma won by 16/22 points. Not surprising. After all, N-Ma is way too bad-ass compared to Daimaou. He's still around somewhere waiting for his next return.


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