Goseiger 13- The Mystic Runner

I kind of thought that Goseiger is becoming more "kiddie" than Shinkenger was, even deaths aren't that violent like they used to. Is Toei planning to port Sentai as it is to the U.S. or what rather than have Power Rangers? Hmmm...

Anyway this episode was kind of interesting...

There was the mentoring side between Alata and Eri... both members of Skyic Tribe. For some reason, these two look so YOUNG despite the fact they're actually young adults. Hee hee. I don't know but they remind me of Tommy and Kim in MMPR (if they were much younger) aside from Satoru and Sakura as well as Takeru and Mako.

Is there a chemistry between Alata and Eri? I feel like teen love is in the air and I'm getting a little bit of MMPR season 1 feel (not really). The episode also focused against Padokaku of the Mutation who is way too strong that caused them to keep training until they got the lightning technique of their tribe right. On the other hand, Bereduran is one kick-ass general but I wish Mons Drake would get some vicious generals soon like those in the old Metal Hero days.

The weirdest thing has to be Gosei Ostrich and its finisher.

Instead of being a "head", it attaches itself to the right arm of Gosei Great and uses a rather funny attack by trapping the enemy into an egg case.

Next week... is love on the air between sea and water in Hyde and Moune?


  1. Why do they remind you of Satoru and Sakura or Takeru and Mako? If you mean "cookie-cutter Red/Pink romance" it might develop into that, but they are very different character types from either of those. Eri isn't a "tsundere," Alata isn't incredibly serious ...

  2. I liked this ep. It was pretty sweet. Though I think Mystic Runner's appearance was too random. Bureidoran was awesome though!


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