Kazunari Hirota as a Martial Arts Teacher

Here are some photos of Kazunari Hirota as a martial arts teacher. Here's Blue Mask demonstrating more of swordsmanship since Hikari Sentai Maskman ended up to the time these photos were taken. :-P

Too bad though he never appeared in Dairanger or Gekiranger even as a guest. BTW I wonder who he's married to if he ever is?


  1. That was Akira? Boy, he's gotten really older I didn't even recognize him. Time sure flies that fast.

  2. Wow. Akira sure has aged. But still looks good and healthy! Like how he's wearing the same clothes, using a sword, and doing the same stances. I wish he could appear in another Sentai season.

  3. he is teacher now and he master the other martial arts

    like tai-chi ,kung fu, and many others

    and you know he appeared in other toku series like jiraiya he played as ninja


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