Sentai and Teleportations

I kind of thought about teleportation in Sentai. Teleportation was used but not always shown when they entered into their mecha or enter into the shared cockpit (which is in some shows) but what intrigued me more is that was in Turboranger episode 51.

Why? In the final episode of Turboranger, we see the Turborangers bathing themselves into light and entering into Ragorn's fortress for the final battle. We didn't have that in Zyuranger which was the footage source for MMPR. In most cases, we can assume they used an emergency teleport to safety just as the enemies would sometimes teleport away, I assume it uses a LOT of energy to do so so it's used sparingly by both sides. However some enemies had no problem teleporting left and right using less energy like for example, Psygorn in Bioman.

In MMPR, the rangers were frequently teleported and it became a signature fro MMPR-Turbo. Later on, that was totally omitted for some reason unknown. Maybe it got annoying.


  1. I can bet that teleportation takes lots of energy. During the G2 episode in Jetman, Grey stayed close to an unconscious Maria. But instead of teleporting her away, he had to retreat into a cave with her. He was hurt, after all.

    They used teleportation in Power Rangers Turbo as well. Thought they used a different special effect. And I think they did it a few times in Space and Lost Galaxy as well.


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