My Shinkenger Team Analysis

So I think it's time I'll do some analysis on the Shinkenger team:

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- As a red ranger, I kind of find it something that he's also named Takeru after Red Mask. What of his personality? He can appear to be quite isolated, can be such a hothead and turns out to be a really nice guy like Takeru in Maskman was. He also has a stupid secret which got the others to laugh when it was discovered though his was less embarrassing compared to Red Mask's. He also has a fan-pairing with the pink ranger Mako Shiraishi like Takeru has with Momoko/Pink Mask. He is also the type that despite the fact that they discovered he was nothing more than a decoy for the true leader, he has friends who truly care for him.

Relation to fire: Takeru Shiba has a very fiery personality, a nasty temper at times and like fire, he is quite destructive.

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Ryuunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- I find him to be while somewhat comedic, to be the more ideal leader for the group than Takeru Shiba. Why? He's far more calm than his superior and he thinks more logically most of the time. He like Kenta of Maskman is a pretty cool guy (in terms of show value) and has survived tests of courage more than once although he's the blue ranger. His weapon the Water Arrow seems to pay tribute to Akira Shinmei/Ao Ranger in Goranger. Blue, well it's just stereotypical for rangers with water/wind related powers.

Relation to water: Like water, he can be very unstable.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- She's one of those tougher pink rangers and her personality kind of blends with a LOT of Momoko from Maskman, while having a little bit of Haruka from Maskman as well. In what way? Well while she's avoided girly things but like Momoko, she's very feminine. Perhaps she may be a picture of what Momoko was intended to be- a good martial artist who's a bad cook of a pink ranger. Everybody is afraid of her cooking except Kotoha and she's one who doesn't easily give up.

Relation to wind: Like the wind, she can be pretty fierce. She lacks finesse in cooking too.  But she like the wind cools down the hot body.

Chiaki Tani/Shinken Green- I don't think his element matches his personality. Hee hee. Anyway I thought of it it that he like Akira of Maskman is the youngest male member of the group and he's prone to impulsive decisions. He also has the rebel ranger factor but not as bad as Gai Yuuki was. He like Akira also outgrows many of his weaknesses throughout the show from an immature ranger to a more mature ranger.

Relation to wood: He can be pretty wooden.  Hee hee.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow- She reminds me of Ako Hayasaka though she may not be that strong because of her witty, likable personality and closeness to Mako Shiraishi. She also has a passion for children.

Relation to Earth: Her immunity to insults shows how much of Earth she is.

Genta Umemori- He seems to be a comedy relief, badass ranger and smart ranger rolled into one character. So he's the only one who's not a samurai in the team but so what? That doesn't give Tanba the right to berate him. I like the way he created the AI mecha Daigoyou as well. He's probably the biggest help the team can get in their battles.

Relation to light: His fast-speed fighting attacks.

Kaoru Shiba/True Shinken Red- Perhaps the most unusual twist, a female red ranger. So I thought that she's a pretty underdeveloped character despite her likable attitude (and how she hits Tanba makes me satisfied) which I felt is just unjust towards her. As a warrior, she's not very skilled though but her heart is in the job. She despite her status accepted both Takeru and Genta as part of the team. I felt like that she may have not been very well-received seeing that she wasn't included in the finale. She also deserves the biggest WTF award for adopting a guy who's older than she is, when she could just recognize him as her older brother. :-P

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  1. Ryuunosuke, good leader?

    Really, you watch the V-Cinema special and see how horribly he performs as a leader. I'd still consider him a good secondary command.

    Also, while he can be calm at times, most of the time he's hyperactively hammy...


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