Poll Results as of July 5, 2010

Here are the poll results:

Should Power Rangers go on? Assuming there are PR-Sentai fans (liking both series either equally or more than the other) here are the votes: 31/51 voted for "Yes because Saban is back", only one voted for "No because Disney is gone", 9/51 is a Sentai severity voter saying "No because I hate franchising" and 10/51 says "Yes because I'm also a fan." I assume the majority voters are PR-Sentai fans since this is a Super Sentai blog.

Why do you think some Power Ranger fans are also Super Sentai fans? 33/51 voted for a more dramatic storyline, 29/31 voted for likable characters, 27/31 voted for just plain curiosity, 24/51 voted for greater sense of humor, 22/51 voted for things came to full circle more often, 21/51 says that Sentai babes are now hotter, 16/51 voted for the music and 15/51 voted for the Kalish seasons were really bad. Hmmm this can be true even for those who like PR more than Super Sentai.