The Corniest Special Effect in Super Sentai

Taken from Goseiger Epic 26, this is where the cute and adorable Moune gets caught in a bottle. I really think that this is too comical and if this kind of special effects get out of hand, you might get a disaster like...

MMPR remastered... good thing it's coming to an end.


  1. I don't think there's anything wrong with the effect. Comparing that to MMPR v2, I would say it's THAT bad. Nor is it bad at all. It's just the style of the show. Just like how Kakuranger has those 60s Batman style effects. They work fine for the show. It helps define what it is. As for MMPR v2, those special effects weren't supposed to be there. They didn't work at all. BIG difference there.

  2. correction: "Comparing that to MMPR v2, I WOULDN'T say it's THAT bad."


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