How I Think Power Rangers Has Affected Super Sentai in A Positive Way

Okay so I'm displaying a Shinkenger image since Saban will be adapting this awesome series which I believe will give me the impression of the awesome martial arts film (IMO) "Forbidden Kingdom". I'd like to talk about how Power Rangers has affected Super Sentai in a positive way.

The campy nature of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers has inspired Sentai to lighten up to the point to create a campy season like Carranger and later Go-onger, which created comedy rangers. Of course no Bulk and Skull type characters exist unless if they're rangers or villains.

There's a sharing of differences of culture. Power Rangers was created so Toei can do business in America. Later on, with both types of shows, Toei gets royalties from America. By the way, I won't mind getting a white American for a girlfriend. :-P

Giving another dimension of lighter, less serious characters make them more unique although Sentai's going to have a hard time making a multi-racial team. Some of them actually ended up appealing U.S. fans as well.

Moderation of violence and blood also happened. Before Power Rangers, Super Sentai placed some scenes that ended up getting deleted in other countries because of scenes like gunshot wounds and stab wounds. Newer Sentai even Shinkenger seems not to be as violent and bloody.

Power Rangers helped create new ideas for Super Sentai as repayment to Toei for allowing them to franchise Super Sentai and get ideas.


  1. Sentai had more diversity long before Power Rangers - all three of the first series had mixed-race actors. There were also characters like NinjaBlack that you wouldn't see any more, now Toei says all the cast must look like supermodels, must all be Japanese and can't be over 21 years old. Even Kamen Rider is more diverse, they had a foreign Rider (Psyga) and the current series has a Korean actor in the main cast

  2. @susurro- I think Toei needs to be more flexible with its main cast. I mean, I don't think anything's wrong with the half-breed concepts. Look like supermodels? I hope Saban's new PR series can influence Toei to a different height like Toei did with Saban at first.

  3. I don't think PR has THAT much influence on sentai.

  4. @Sean Akizuki - Maybe not supermodels per se but you wouldn't get a fat character like Yellow Owl from Jetman, or like the Gingaman and Kakuranger casts who were country kids. One thing I like about the Goseigers is that they're cute, but they're not super-super "hot" like the Shinkengers and Go-ongers

  5. well it is kinda difficult for Sentai to have a cast that's as racially diverse as Power Rangers since Japan is well, 96% Japanese. To compound things further, 97% of all Japanese speakers live in Japan.


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