Long Lived Too Long, Tormented Men Too Long

I'll do another villain spotlight. Hee hee. So anyway, Long is another character that has entered into my favorite villain list. He's a scheming, manipulative schemer who could actually be considered by some more dangerous than Radiguet or Shaddam, or maybe even planet destroyers like Bazoo and Vulgyre, in the cosmos of the natural and the supernatural. So what's the deal? Many say he is immortal and can't be killed so he's a real threat that has been lurking around the world. Although he only started appearing in episode 23 but even his not-so-long stay was more menacing.

How cruel is he? To start with, he doesn't care about anybody but himself, he's a total snob. He has a murderous history where he actually killed the families of Rio and Jan, hoping to use them. Rio was driven to the dark side, Jan became a Gekiranger, but he did use Jan's father Dan and trapped him into his service- the same way Star Wars' very own Sith lord Palpatine did to Anakin Skywalker and forced father and son to fight. When he arrived, he focused on Rio and later Melee, hoping to use the two only for his own selfish needs. He forced them apart later, another action that's just SO EVIL. When they turned against him, he tortured Melee brutally... uh something that's really SO INTENSE. Bwahahahaha. He of course enjoys human suffering.

So it's revealed later on that he's actually a five-headed dragon, all heads working in harmony as one mind. What's worse is that he sacrificed Sanyo to achieve his true form hoping to win the final battle. He killed Melee just to satisfy himself, which resulted in Rio's sacrificial giving which reverted him back to human form. However that was not enough to defeat him, he was up to destroying the world believing that humans deserve their torture for evil, when he himself is evil... a case of sentai villain hypocrisy. Upon the realization that he was apparently immortal (probably he could be a malevolent god in Chinese mythology like Yan Wang), it was a tough one.
Fortunately though, Jan, Ran and Retsu were able to master the sealing technique from the spirits of Rio and Melee. After he had some time torturing the others, fortunately he got sealed away until there's some time to send him to Hell.

However he did return presumably in fan's decision in Go-onger vs. Gekiranger. But like as before, he was sealed again. Sadly, they could never kill him even with the awesome efforts combined from both teams. Also it made Rio and Melee sacrifice their happiness to resurrect the Go-on Wings Hiruto and Mio- but hopefully Rio and Melee can find redemption for selflessness.


  1. Most of Long's evil can be boiled down because he's completely bored and he thinks evil acts is fun. But then, he sees it not as 'evil', but 'boredom relieving'. He acts like he's a God that guides humanity, thus they deserve to be his plaything.

    Alongside Radiguet, I will agree that he is one of Super Sentai's worst complete monsters there is.

  2. Actually according to him Sanyo is suppose to be a part of him that he created, which probably also applies to some of the Gen Jyu Ken users.


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