Sentai Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is really a big issue isn't it? Heroes and villains, you got it! I could relate to this article because I have a lot of relatives suffering from that same disorder, I've experienced it too!

The Igam twins had their rivalry at the beginning for one reason- Princess Igamu hated the fact her twin sister Ial fell for Takeru who was a surface dweller. This led to Igamu bearing a grudge against her twin sister to the point she would kill her to carry out Zeba's imperial mandates. In the end, they united and Zeba's dark particle wave was ceased before the final battle.

(no picture, SORRY :-( )

In Turboranger episode 18, two monsters were siblings known as Ice Bouma and Fire Bouma. Fire Bouma counted Ice Bouma as weak because Ice Bouma became good. The two fought although Ice Bouma had concerns for his brother. In the end, the two were reconciled.

In Zyuranger, before Burai became a hero, he hated his younger brother Geki with a passion. It had something to do with the fact that Geki's adoptive father killed their father. Bandora took advantage of the situation (she's always more evil than Rita Repulsa) to drive the Zyurangers to the point of madness.

In Dairanger, Kou and Akomaru are siblings yet they hated each other. It was the result of a union of a good mother and a bad father that resulted to this. Kou was like his mother, Akomaru was like his father. Hmmm a hard lesson anyone?

The Saima clan in Gogo V had its own problems within themselves in pleasing their mother Grandienne.

There was a moment of sibling rivalry between Ikku and Isshu in Hurricanger which happened in episode 17 but it got resolved.

In Gekiranger, both Retsu and Gou Fukami were at times rivals to who is better.


  1. What about Igam and Iyal/Mio in Maskman? Or GekiBlue and Violet? I think GoGoGreen counts too, he was usually at odds with one or other of his brothers

  2. Encourage your children to participate in activities they siblings rivalry really like. Do not expect to always join activities to do together, and where they will compete against each other.

  3. As for Gogo V, Venus, Kubold and Salamandes, Pierre. Zylpheza cared for all(he eventually learned that Salamandes is his brother).


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