Goseiger 29- Bladerun's End

It's just sad to say that Bladerun had potential... but sigh... he meets his end. In this episode, Bladerun meets his end in a treachery vs. treachery battle where he plans to get the Erurei box and Kinggon does get his revenge- that's by using him as a shield against the Goseigers. I kind of find it interesting to how Kinggon isn't as dumb as we think he is also, he took the Bibi Bug Hive and uses it to enlarge Bladerun who meets his demise.

You can tell at times I don't like a series that much with such a short summary. :-P


  1. Master Head said that the tower will be fixed soon. And that reinforcements will come to help. Interesting.

    And Sean, if you don't like a series, just stop following it. You're obviously not happy since you keep complaining about it. Just drop it, and you'll be happy.

  2. yea u dont have to watch it if u dont want to, and i can see why some episodes arent so good, but there are some good episodes and this one i liked, goseiger is different, but its not really doing good with its difference


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