List of Scientist Allies in Super Sentai

I would like to honor the scientists in Super Sentai, they are:

Dr. Hongo- He appeared only for a FEW episodes. He appeared from episodes 1-2 then he returned in episode 49.

Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno- He is the mentor of the Dynaman team and head of the invention center.

Professor Shibata who was Gou Shirou's missing father helped the Biomen during the last few episodes. He died sacrificing himself to save them from captivity.

Dr. Tokimura (this is not the actual photo but a screen shot of the actor) was the father of Sara/Yellow Flash.

Dr. Hoshi- He only appeared for two episodes, after that he was killed. Quite tragic really. He was the one who created the Liveman force.

Sanjoru Sugata is the one who invented the Maskmen's mecha save the Galaxy Robo which was invented by a friend of his who died while piloting it.

Dr. Dazai- He is the mentor of the Turborangers and was assisted by Seelon.

Aya Ogadiri- First female scientist and also the first female commander.

Councilor Miura was the scientist responsible behind most of the Ohrangers' equipment and mecha.

Professor Eikechi Kubota- A computer genius who created the Megaranger program. Apparently he can speak and understand English compared to his recruits. Hmmm he should go to America to meet the Power Rangers then. :-P

Professor Mondo Tatsumi- He is the head of the Tatsumi family too.

Oboro Hinata- She is the scientist responsible for the Hurricangers' mecha and equipment.

Swan Shiratori- She was from the Planet Chinyo and she brought their technology to Earth. She acts as Doggie Kruger's personal assistant and possible love interest.

Morio Makino- He is the mentor of the Boukengers and the inventor of their mecha.

Professor Amachi- The latest scientist we have and the first to be really overweight. He also had a son. Unlike the others in the list, he wasn't the mentor of the Goseigers.


  1. Nice list Sean. ^__^

    Would Professor Shibata from Bioman and Doctor Tokimura from Flashman count?

    There's also Mondo Tatsumi from GoGoFive. ;)


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