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Best Food for the New Year!

Well we had our list of bad cooks, now it's time to see those who can serve food really well.  They are:

Raita Ooshi in Jetman showed he could really cook.

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo- Despite the fact she's a rich girl, she can COOK.  Maybe her butler taught her how to cook.

Ryou- He's the best gyoza cook now in Japan as of present.

Shouhei Yokkaichi- He makes good ramen and gyoza.

Yuusaku Hayakawa- He was able to show his cooking abilities in Megaranger episode 29.

Gouki- He is Gingaman's cook.

Domon- He is a master in making Soba.

Genta Umemori- He has magical fingers.  He even made delicious curry rice himself.

Joe Gibken- It's obvious he's a good cook from the start.  Love that time he and Ahim had.

Don Dogoier- He's the chef of the Gokai Galleon.

Gai Ikari- He later becomes another cook aboard the Gokai Galleon.  He and Genta should open a shop sometime.

So I hope everybody has a happy new year!

Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle Review

It's kind of late or is it?  Well I'd like to write my review of Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle, perhaps the most insane Super Sentai movie that would seem to make every other special not so great.  So where do I begin?  The plot is somewhat taking in between the series where the Legend War against Zangyack began.  The war was pretty insane when EVERY ranger in Super Sentai history including those who died (except for Daigorou, Kensaku and Mika) show up to beat up the Zangyacks.  Actually Gai Yuki, Mikoto, Burai, Rio, Melee and Naoto don't have to worry much because they're dead but the living ones do.  They sacrifice their powers resulting to the ghosts returning to the afterlife (I presume) and the loss of the powers of the others.  So the Goseigers can't accept the fact they lost their powers decide to challenge the Gokaigers for their power back.

The good:

The whole movie was insanely action filled.  The plot was somewhat where the Goseigers and Gokaigers get to kn…

How to Crash Your New Year Dinner Sentai Style!

Well here's a list of cooks you'd like to hire to make a very horrible new year party...

Be afraid, be very, very afraid... because we present...

Juri Nijou/Ohyellow, Yuuri/Time Pink (she traveled from the future to the present), Yukito Sanjyou/Abare Blue and Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

Yukito will say, "Don't worry girls, we're the greatest." and start cooking one bad dish after the other.

With one bad cook to another cooperating with each other, looks like fury has never been unleashed before. The menu has chocolate coated steak, garlic coated coconut, vegetables cooked in candy syrup, strawberry flavored tofu... and all you can think!  Comment on what awful dishes you can think was served!

Crazy!  Well it's time.  Now what do we expect for the taste?!  Here's a few critics!  Not really... here we GO and see our "satisfied guests"!

"What have I just eaten? I think I need my stomach pills to help me to be at ease!"

"I came ba…

Gokaiger's Getting Intense

After the Christmas special, there will be a more intense battle to face.  So what's going on?  As Gokaiger will inevitably wave their hands goodbye and leave for space then comes Gobuster, it's time share my reaction towards what Henshin Grid has given its readers.  Here they are:

Episode 45-46 will have Ninjaman.  I definitely think a ninja episode will be cool with Kakuranger.  I do hope that the two parter will have a festive mood too.

Oh my!  One of my favorite babes could be appearing.  Woohoo!  Talk about crazy!  Is she ageless?!?

Episode 47-48 is the final battle with Basco.  He's one insanely evil privateer.  Now it's time to see what the deal deal was between him and Captain Marvelous.  I really want to get this guy defeated once and for all in the most EPIC way.  He's been trouble, trouble, trouble and I except an intense duel.

Sentai Villlains With Very Disturbing Evil Laughs

Here are some Sentai villains I believe deserve to be mentioned for their infamous evil laughs in no particular order:

Ahames, the Queen of Amazo.

Most of Gozma are not even close to her cruelty and sadism. She always has that mean streak that makes her stand out against a lot of Super Sentai and Power Rangers villains alike.

Thief Knight Kiros

A man with a vile sense of humor and will do anything to do what he wants. He always finds pleasure in the Maskmen's suffering. The worst may be whenever he's inflicting pain on Takeru.

Gokaiger Christmas Made Me Feel Younger

Well there's no doubt that despite the fact I'm almost 30 in just a few years but I feel young at heart.  Here are some shots from Henshin Grid to share:

It was nice of Kenji Ohba to dress up as Santa Claus while he was actually in reality playing as Shiro Akebono the first black ranger.  The panda was kinda cute.  Well I do get nostalgic with Gekiranger in some way.

It's nice of Gai Ikari to be here.  He's a favorite among many children.

It was kinda fun seeing Gai Ikari in this form.

And here's the scene that brought me back to the past...

Kenji Ohba did play a big part in my childhood with Gavan.  Those who grew up in the 90s still remmeber him to be one of the greatest Toku legends.  Only if I can get his autograph.  To be honest, even when he's old now but I do like watching episodes in Tokusatsu where he appears.

Also plush dolls remind me of my childhood too.

And overall, I feel young again with this episode.

Tokusatsu Awarding... by Me!

Well it's time to do some awarding of my followers for their contributions in Tokudom blogging like...

Mr. Smith gets the nobel peace prize for creating a blog that seeks to put Super Sentai and Power Rangers severity aside.

Chris X for providing me new techniques directly and indirectly in writing about Sentai.

EZ Rider for reviving Tokusatsu power.

Sentai Five for being quite head of me.

Fantasy Leader for providing information on what Toku fans want to know

That Chick for providing useful reviews on Tokusatsu.

Lastly to Henshin Grid for being the number one Toku blog ever.

Boukenger vs. Super Sentai Review

Boukenger vs. Super Sentai although it was just a short special but it was one of the coolest.  Why?  So I'd like to really go down bit by bit like I did with Shinkenger vs. Go-onger.  Okay there's no Operation Overdrive marathon or what but I'd like to do this review anyway.
I personally find the plot of Gaja making a deal with Chronos to be at first, just regular until Chronos becomes responsible for separating Eiji Takaoka from the Boukengers.  Then comes the most unusual person in Super Sentai history- Aka Red, who is born from the wish of peace allowing him to use the powers of the red rangers in the past.  Eiji Takaoka is given an address book of five chosen heroes for the script each with hilarious resuls. Chronos plans to merge Memmy, Tsuetsue and Furaibijou into one evil staff.
The good:
The short flick in itself featured some of the best characters to return like Tetsu Aira, Magishine, Nanami Nono (look good as ever), Tsubasa Ozu as a boxer and Asuka from Dino…

Belated Episode Reviews for Gokaiger 40-41

So far Gokaiger has been quite behind me.  Heh heh.  Anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts on Gokaiger episodes 40-41...

Episode 40...

The whole episode focuses on Domon's return. So he's been too kind to make an appearance.

It was nice to have the whole episode inserted in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.  It was pretty cool to explain how the Gokaigers appeared in the movie.

It was nice to have a Timeranger tribute.

This is ONE big loophole in Timeranger that's bugging me until now.  It bugs me more than Ransik's sudden change of heart in the end in Time Force or where Lila is now in Timeranger.  Why?  How could a man from the future 1,000 years later ever produce a child with a woman from the present?!  Well I'm reminded of Andy Lau's film with Barbie Xu "Future X Cop" now which IMO made more sense than the Timeranger loophole concerning Domon's son who is later named Mirai.

Certainly tears filled the eyes of Domon in the end as a result of star…