Sentai Rangers That Share My Favorite Food!

Thanks to Fantasy Leader once more, I am inspired to make this post to refer to rangers who I share the same type of food with.  Here they are:

I like curry rice, it seems to be the most recurring food in Super Sentai.  However I prefer mine spicier so I go for Indian curry!!!!

Me and Daigorou Oume do eat anpan bread.

Me and Yuuma Ozora like tonkatsu.

Me and Ryu both like warm milk.  Also he's my favorite Jetman so double win!

Me and Raita love tomatoes.  Tomatoes are really good for you.  I've eaten plenty of tomatoes with Indian style curry!

Me and Ryou like Gyoza.  Hey I wonder if Gai Ikari likes gyoza too? Hmmm another double win!

Me and Kazu like tofu. My mom buys lots of tofu and prepares them often.

Me and Shouehi like ramen a lot.

Me and Kenta Date like barbeque meat.

Me and Hikaru like donuts.

Me and Domon like Soba.

Me and Genta like sushi.

This is just a few of the Sentai warriors I'd enjoy having dinner with.


  1. You forget Curry Rice, Daita Oiwa /Ki Ranger I and Asao Hyou/Vul Panther and Megumi Mori/Blue Dolphin are into the dish and I fell inlove with the dish as well. And Ramen has played a story role in Sentai for the most run.

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by. By the way, I prefer Indian curry over Japanese curry. :)

    2. Always a honor, This is the best blog in Tokusatsu. Unlike most of those fans you only mention power rangers never talk too much about it. I like how you start topics on characters and scenarios from all 37 series. I also am into Kamen Rider series, Sci-fi series such as Star Trek, Doctor Who etc. I am also into Asian cinema as well such as Japanese Chambara, yakuza flicks. And hong Kong Gung fu flicks from Shaw Bros. And Golden Harvest productions. Hope to talk again.


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