Super Sentai's Pranksters

Well here's some rangers I can remember are pranksters throughout or just merely did one prank for one episode.  They are:

Jun's pranks in Bioman made her stood up unique against her predecessor Mika.  They were usually done in battle though.

I don't know if the entire Maskman team can be in knowing they kinda play friendly pranks for a much serious series.  Although I do consider the boys teasing the girls as thugs to be kinda not friendly. :P

Aside from being a victim of butt-end jokes, he also played some pranks in school.

Although Jetman was a darker season, Gai Yuki and Raita did have their own share of pranking to do.  Nobody can forget the episode where Ryu Tendo became an accidental pervert. :P  I think they both masterminded it. :P

Dan (Zyuranger) was the prankster of the Zyurangers.

Kou played pranks too in Dairanger, especially on Lin.  Breast grab!!!!

Jasmine played pranks to her fellow Dekarangers much to their dismay at times.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Shoji has done crank calling to both Ryo and Kou.

  2. The rest of the Kakuranger males always mocked or played tricks on Tsruhime.


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