Just Some Catching Up with Gobusters...

Well I had some stress going on lately so I haven't updated this blog.  However here's my latest thoughts on Gobusters:

Masato Jin acted by Hiroya Matsumuto (who played as Magiyellow in Magiranger) is cool.  I kinda thought after doing a couple of J-Drama, it's nice to see him in Tokusatsu in a new role.  Well it's kinda nice to know that somebody did survive teleportation and has a buddyroid named Beet J Stag who is more than a Buddyroid, he also is an additional ally in battle as Stag Buster.

The two new allies really do have some suit designs I like...

That mecha called the BC-4 Beetle is awesome.  Although Enter stole the blueprints, the bootleg was defeated by the original.  Cliche... but the design is pretty cool with that jet fighter finishing move it has is... weird yet awesome.  The SJ-45 Stag Beetle is also pretty unusual to be used as a finisher.

The Great Gobuster is kinda well... I just say the design is funny.

However catching up for me can be pretty hard. :(


  1. Welcome back, I hope what ever is bothering you will cease and be alright.

  2. Well after now 19 episodes, Go Busters will only have 5 members. Advertisement already announced 1 more Mecha, upgrades and a new gun. Like Abarerangers, Gekirangers. It is a 3-5 team show. Can't kill a show because the absense of the 6th warrior.


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