My Far-Fetched Fan Pairings =P

So okay I'm aware of the 199 pairing challenge, I'm not taking it but I'll do some rather crazy far-fetched fan pairing for some humor (that is it's pairing not within each entry but a crossover pairing)... or not.  Some of you do hate fan pairing so if you hate, avert thine eyes from this entry!

Since I highly doubt it Ryou and Lin got married as evidenced by the finale nor will I ever buy the assumption she married Kou (come on having a picture of him DOES NOT mean she married him).  Now my first far fetched pairing is that Takeru was probably broken hearted and ran into Lin, they fell in love and later got married and later in their lives had a granddaughter who looks line Lin.  Aura power!

Another would be Kazu and Remi.  Well it's just my wild imagination since both are masters of drunken fists so they might make a good pair too.

Kou and Ran.  Just another completely far-fetched pairing.  Again, Kou would already be an adult by the time of Gekiranger.  He was 10 in Dairanger so by this time, he would be in his 20s.

Tatsuya and Sakura.  Well if there was an arranged marriage going on between the Asamis and the Nishihoris, expect this.  I just added it here due to the fact they are both runaway children from rich families who want to find their destiny.

Any more?  Just add. =P


  1. You know, Kazu/Remi was actually of the 199 Couples that I listed on my blog.

    Here's the address to the list, in case you want to see it.

  2. As a villainous pairing you should do Gara and shadam


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