Tatsuya and Yuuri: If Only I Can Turn Back Time...

So it's February and I guess I'll do some lovey dovey but I also remembered my ex-girlfriend who looks Yuuri. Now moving on... this is really the love across time which was more than that time travel romance in Liveman. This is 1,000 years apart. So what starts this tearjerker? So Yuuri was a girl from the future, year 3000 and Tatsuya was from the year 2,000. From a stream of events, this was a love beyond time and space.

Before Timeranger started, Tatsuya was a runaway rich heir and Yuuri, well she was working for the Time Protection Agency. When the alien mafioso Dolnero escaped with Lila and Gien into the year 2000, Yuuri was with Domon, Sion and Ayase which led them to meet Ryuya's ancestor Tatsuya. They became friends but not immediately, Tatsuya became Time Red who was the only one different from them because in the year 3000, he had been dead for a long time. Yuuri became the actual leader while Tatsuya became the driving force. But the romance was not very immediate just like that of Domon and Honami, while Honami originally thought Ayase was Time Yellow.

What we do know is that Yuuri is pretty tsundere while Tatsuya grew feelings for her. In episodes 25-26 she felt he was only mocking her. She did meet Tatsuya's mother where she knew more about him. And what was happening was that she and Tatsuya were getting closer, but she dared not admit it. By episode 41, both she and Tatsuya were the center of attention. She was aware of Tatsuya's feelings and Domon was pushing them both. When Dolnero died and she lost her purpose, Tatsuya consoled her. This caused her to eventually want to go back to the year 2001 during the final battle with the others to save the 21st century to save him.

After the future was saved, it was time to return to the year 3001 again. Was the future the same before it started? Nobody knows. What was certain was that it was a real tearjerker scene. Tatsuya admitted he truly loved her, they embraced and she disappeared.

Here's their theme song:

Only if Yuri could turn back time for Tatsuya...

Pretty much so sad. =(


  1. Not the best series but it had some good moments, the final ending when Tatsuya is jogging and he sees all his team members supposedly ancestors was cute. The great question is we also see Naoto alive as a pet store clerk selling customer some canaries?!?! Did time altered so much that Naoto became a different person instead of a bitter hero or is that somebody else.
    Meanwhile both Time Red and Pink have reunited after 14 year as they both played young Spielban and Diana from Hyper dimension Warrior Spielban!!! Unfortunately art does not imitate real life as Time Pink dated, married and divorced Kamen Rider Gills. They both have a child together and it is disappointing as marriage does not last forever. Time Red has lived a quiet life as he left the acting biz.

  2. TimeRed's actor has NOT left the acting biz, his name is Masaru Nagai and he still has a successful career. He doesn't want to be associated with Sentai any more and apparently now pretends his debut was in a drama he did long after Timeranger; but he's still out there.


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