My Favorite Moral Dilemma Plots in Super Sentai: Villains Side

Some villains do have their moral dilemma.  You can see these ones like...

Dr. Man- What can I say about this guy?  I feel like he's one of the best written villains considering he really has some sides of him worth pitying.  So what's the point?  Dr. Man was later revealed to be a human and had a son named Shuichi he wanted to join with him in his conquest of the world.  In the process, he must choose between his selfish desires or his son Shuichi.  Pretty much, the finale presented him with the biggest moral dilemma- will he let his pride get the best of him or will he reveal the location of the Anti-Bio Bomb that eventually resulted to his death?  After some pleadings by son and even the Biomen, his humanity is restored resulting to one of the best written villain death scenes ever.

Basically the whole Gozma in Changeman.  They have the choice to either help Bazoo conquer other planets or their own home planets will die out.  This led to several events like Ahames' rebellion against Bazoo for holding her planet Amazo hostage or for Giluke, same situation with Ahames.  In the case of Buuba, he had to choose between Gozma's cowardly ways or his days as a pirate to which he betrays Gozma by restoring Shiima to normal while he challenged Hiryu to a final duel so he could die a warrior's death.  Ahames' loyalty to her planet Amazo eventually caused her to go crazy.

In Maskman, Igam's one villain I really thought was interesting.  So she really has to lie to people she's a he, or maybe you could think that without the heels it would work better.  So her sister Ial has fallen for a surface dweller and she has to choose between her sister Ial's life or her twisted sense of honor.  Eventually she reunited with her twin sister Ial allowing Zeba's downfall.

Gure had a lot of moral dilemma especially when it involved Maria.  Despite being a villain, he had a noble soul and he would be willing to let Maria go if it made her happy- much different than Radiguet's lusting after Maria.  In fact, he begged the Jetmen to help Maria restore to normal and when that failed, he decided to challenge Gai Yuki to one more battle to die a warrior's death like Buuba did with Hiryu in Changeman.

Radiguet's discarding every chance he gets to redemption.  During the two-part Juuza arc, Radiguet was turned into a human being and he had EVERY chance to become good but what does he do?  After he recovered his memories and became a Vyram, he gave in to his ever-evil insanity and killed Saki even after he helped the Jetmen in revealing Juuza's weak spot.  So he has every chance to be good but wtf this guy just likes to remain the self-righteous jerk he really is believing humans to be too crooked for redemption until ironically, he becomes the one too evil left to be left alive.

Shaddam from Dairanger had to choose between his sons or power.  In the end he chose power making him really despicable.

Grandienne from Gogo V had to choose between power or her children.  She chose power evidenced by her disregarding her children's welfare.

Ryuya as a villain was really stuck with his "I just want to live." problem.  So he had the choice between his selfish desire or others, he chooses his selfish desires just to live by going as far as to allow Dolnero to escape and even mess up with time in itself!  Fortunately he was killed by Ayase by accident.  Serves him right.

Ryuon's later plot revealed he was REALLY human who managed to live for 200 years thanks to dragon DNA.  So he must choose between his hatred for people or his humanity.  In the end, he continues in his insanity and sadism even after losing his form as Ryuon.  Even after Satoru tries to redeem his humanity, he still chooses his selfish desires to the end he died from them.  He returned in Gokaiger as an undead though.

Basco in Gokaiger is pretty much a betrayer.  So he really was once best friends with Captain Marvelous but he let greed and desire for power overpower him until his last battle.  Pretty sad if you ask me.

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