A Rundown on My Thoughts on Super Sentai Villain Monster of the Week Plots

In Super Sentai, one of the many things I enjoy about it are the rather preposterous schemes that villains do in their efforts to either take over the world or to destroy the Super Sentai.  Here's how I can categorize them...

The standard begin the invasion plot- Super Sentai apparently releases a monster without the rather flamboyant schemes that make Super Sentai enjoyable.  So the bad guys release a monster to attack the Earth only to be stopped by the Super Sentai.

Focused on destroying the team alone- Sometimes some monsters were created to focus on destroying the Sentai team.  Juice Jigen in Jetman was created to divide the Jetmen so they can be easily defeated.

Things are getting desperate so get the strongest possible monster- This kinda happens sometimes in later series.  In Turboranger, we have Rehda using the Chomajin Bouma to try and defeat the Turborangers after the deaths of Zimba and Jarmin.  In Jetman, we have Semimaru as an example.  Pretty much, these monsters are usually focused on fighting the rangers rather than unleashing your typical convoluted scheme that just fails most of the time.

Some plans are what you'd call, "It's a good plan BUT you're doing it wrong."  Dongoros' scheme to turn babies into monsters was stupid in this way- it takes TIME to hatch those babies turned eggs into monsters and plus, how in the world can caressing those eggs even make them hatch?  Very stupid if you ask me because he could have mutated the babies instantly... that would have surely caused a better chance of winning than his ridiculously executed plan!

Driving people into chaos via really ridiculously funny schemes.  I can't forget that episode in Maskman where the faces of people were SWAPPED with each other, which for me was downright silly.  Really that plan was pretty silly and retarded but hey, that's what makes a Super Sentai entertaining right?

Use of man's wrong desires- Examples are Dia Jigen unleashing greed on human beings and Mirror Magician using human vanity to trap people.  Some of them can become pretty hilarious like Seikai getting possessed by Gakitsuki which makes it really funny. =P

Mind control- Apparently villains love mind control.  In Maskman we have Akira turned into Fencer Unas, in Jetman we have Fashion Jigen putting people under mind control with his clothes.

Turning daily use objects into real nightmares- This is where nightmare fuel can really kick in.  In Bioman we had Doctor Man unleash a scheme that will turn flowers into bombs and in Zyuranger, we have Dora Guzzler's evil flowers that not only bite but POISON people.  In Jetman, this category is many times played with the kind of monsters that are unleashed and were also later used again in Gaoranger.

Causing chaos to make invasion easy- Yup some monsters in Super Sentai were meant to cause chaos to the civilians.  Some are plain funny while others really are a nightmare fuel you can't comprehend.  Road Jigen in Jetman caused confusion on the roads causing chaos.  Father Magnet in Dairanger used his magnetic poles to cause confusion everywhere.

I don't know what other categories you have but you're free to comment on them.