Hirohisa Soda's Lead Villains Who Could Have Won if It Wasn't for Something That Seemed Insignificant

I have noticed there were some common stuff in Hirohisa Soda's writings.  So pretty much he did recycle but they turn out either good or better.  Here are they:

In Changeman we have Bazoo fearing the Memory Doll.  In the finale, the Memory Doll managed to work itself in leading the Changemen to where the real Bazoo was when it was revealed he was a gigantic living planet that eats other planets.

In Maskman, we have Emperor Zeba.  While he does seem invincible to the Maskmen, in fact it seemed insignificant if the Igam twins Igam and Ial will unite.  However it was revealed in the close finale that only when the twin sisters unite, Zeba can be defeated.  The Maskmen were able to destroy him because of the Igam twins.

In Fiveman, we see that Vulgyre himself even destroyed the Max Magma.  While it seemed stupid he was afraid of some flowers, however because the Sidon flowers were the first to sprout life in the very planet that he destroyed, he had every reason to fear it.  In fact, the Sidon flowrs together with Meadow's spirit allowed the Fivemen to destroy him.