The Role of the Sidon Flowers in Fiveman

Well Fiveman was one season I could tag to the Sidon flowers which came from start to end.  So pretty much, it was a mystery to why Zone attacked the Sidonian flowers.  All we knew was that Zone destroyed planets and sucked life out of them for its supposed ruler Empress Meadow to become immortal.  Meadow once turned a Sidon flower into a a dangerous flower monster.  It wasn't clear yet that time to the purpose of the Sidon flower in the series.

In Fiveman episode 46, later we discover that the Sidon flowers could actually harm Vulgyre.  What pretty surprised me was that after the Sidon flowers release their energy at the Vulgyre was that Empress Meadow was nothing more than an illusion used by Vulgyre.  Vulgyre later forcibly combines Dordora and Zaza (which made me believe they would appear as a half and half but fortunately not).  Rose Dolgin the result of the combination of the two was sent to convert the Sidon flowers into red roses so nothing than stop Vulgyre in his quest for immortality when he destroys the Earth.  In the finale, it was revealed that after Vulgyre.

In the finale, the unusually huge Vulgyre was destroying everything he could including the Max Magma.  However it was revealed that only the Sidon flowers can destroy him (the audience knew it prior to them).  In the end, the spirit of the real Meadow who was Sidonian woman that Vulgyre wanted appeared.  Her body was trapped inside Vulgyre and was waiting to avenge herself on the right time.  Meadow's spirit together with the Sidon flowers helped the Fiveman destroy Vulgyre once and for all.