My Reaction to Tokusatsu Shows Going to America Via Toei Japan Channel

Well as said Super Sentai and Power Rangers are culturally different so that's why Toei as a whole permits Saban to create Power Rangers.  However looking at the article shared by Orends Range (read here) via a pay channel.  In my case though, I wonder how feasible this plan by Toei is and whether or not Saban Brands should be involved in this project.  So far it will be made by Internet Pay TV which I think may need some real considerations on whether or not this project is feasible.  So it's nice to give American fans of Tokusatsu a legitimate way to watch Super Sentai though I do have my other option to consider that are DVD release (with subs like how Media Blasters released Golion on DVD) or paid download release to get the fans to watch legitimately.  I don't know how to react to this pay TV thing either.

Meanwhile I just thought that Nickelodeon and Toei could work together for this one.  So for the DVD releasing DVDs not broadcasting them.  So Nickelodeon could probably start releasing Samurai Sentai Shinkenger on DVD subbed, not dubbed.  Should they want to dub them, maybe let the Power Rangers Samurai cast dub it.  I dunno, it's up to them but I suggest Japanese audio with English subs to help people appreciate original language better.  My other thoughts are that with Sentai not passing U.S. standards of TV-Y7-FV, it might not be a good idea.  America and Japan are pretty too different.


  1. Nah, wouldn't work. Most non-Japanese Sentai fans would rather the show on YouTube instead, as there's a lot of episodes on there.


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