Top Ten Things I Find to Be the Weirdest Plots in Super Sentai

In response to Henshin Grid's Top Ten Weirdest Plots for Power Rangers, here's for Super Sentai.  Sentai has a lot of weird stuff like suspended animation and synthetic beings that immediately recognize their masters but these are for me the weirdest ever:

10. Dr. Man's backstory.  Yup I find this really weird how this guy could actually experiment on himself and become so rapidly old.  Yup, what is funnier is why in the world would the Big Three think of him as a robot even when he has already mentioned to Mason he created him. When he reconstructed himself, I found it even weirder how in the world did he become completely mechanical?

9. The clay Gorma plot.  I do find this plot very weird in Dairanger considering how these clay models actually contain the memories of the original, which is again left unexplained why it happened.  Even so, I find Dairanger's finale weird considering that Shadam crumbled into clay leaving more mysteries unexplained.

8. The elopement of Jerashid with Noboyuki's mother.  I've seen some marriages between non-Earthlings and Earthlings but this one is pretty weird.  Why in the world would Noboyuki's mom decide to marry Jerashid in the first place after initially rejecting him?

7. The whole conception of Mirai in Timeranger.  So yeah, Domon and Honami met but where in the world did they get the time to reproduce I mean Domon returned to fight off the enemy then he actually was forced back int the 30th century after that. XP

6. Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki.  That was really something- for one the poor Gai could see the ghosts of Naoto, Burai and Mikoto yet of all things he cannot see Gai Yuki:?  Really, this is awfully stupid for me.  Some people theorized Gai Ikari had temporarily died before he became Gokai Silver though it was never confirmed in-show.

5. How in the world did Yatsudenwani even become president of Dino Curry in the first place?  As if it's not enough this guy is obviously a malfunctioned Trinoid and falling for Ranru, worse he's now the perverted president of Dino Curry.  Does this guy even realize he isn't human?

4. As much as I like Zyuranger but I do find it weird how Daizyujin having a mind of its own would allow the Zyurangers to pilot his shell.

3. The Baranoia and reproduction.  I really find it weird these guys are machines yet you see them in stages- childhood and adulthood.  Everything was even weirder when Buldont and Maruchiwa both had a son named Buldont Jr. who was later raised by Gunmajin with Acha and Kocha.

2. Adopting a person older than you are.  Kaoru's adoption of Takeru Shiba got me to lmao. XD  That means anybody who marries her will become Takeru's "father".  While it's good she let Takeru Shiba lead the final mission but she could have just decreed him to lead the final battle to finish what she failed to do and made her his bodyguard at the end of the series but adopt him?!

1. Junichi Aikawa being pregnant with Vega Zuno's baby.  Really this is something I find to be the weirdest in the list, maybe Takeru Shiba's adoption is not so WTF compared to this one.  How?  Well males and females have biological differences and genetic restrictions so how in the world did Junichi get pregnant in the first place with that Vega Zuno beam?! XD  That episode really had some funny moments though it ended in a sour note.

There's a lot more weird plots in Super Sentai these are my top ten.  So I wonder what's yours?