Super Sentai Male Rangers I Felt Were Underrated for Being "Not Man Enough"

This is just pretty iffy but this could be true.  I don't know if this is true but this could be it.  I could be wrong so comment...

My first guess has to be Kou.  Poor Kou, being underestimated just because he's a kid.  Me, he's my second favorite Dairanger, in fact I'd dare say he's better than Tommy in terms of execution from the time he was a perverted brat to his character development.  To be honest, it was fun watching him develop from start to end though I wish he knew the truth about his father.

My second guess would go to Riki/Kingranger.  I would admit he does look pretty young but don't underestimate him.

Alata, poor Alata is my third guess.  Maybe right now, I would guess that he's underrated because he's just too "pale and thin" compared to the more muscular Troy.  Again, really what in the world?

Just my thoughts on some possibly underrated rangers.


  1. Ko- he is meant to be a nuisance and it made his position as a 6th Ranger fitting.

    Riki- he is several thousands if age he us both a perfect soldier and enforcer. The rest of UAOH never dare to give him orders.

    Arata- just like Kai Ozu, Hiromu Sakaruda. They are all young, inexperienced and leaders!?!? That is a big handicap for writing.
    If any one of them are like Riki it would make some sense.

    It's good to be young but for Sentai it only works if they are not leaders or Bangai heroes.


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