Having Changes in Super Sentai: Why It Really Matters A Lot

Well you guess by now I'm the kind of person who can't immediately accept certain changes and sometimes I do.  But let's just face it, changes must happen and the immutable law is the law of change as Greek philosopher Heraclitus says.  So why are changes in Super Sentai important?

Times change maybe as fast as one decade or less than a decade.  Like it or not, the 80s, the 90s and 2000s and last decade, everything changes.  We have to accept that time eras differ per era which can dictate the way the show goes like its stories, themes, execution and aesthetics are among a few.  Like it or not, current events can affect how a show goes.  Ohranger was airing during the time of the sarin gas station incident in Japan.  I don't know much about it but I've heard that the show ended up shifting between the initially wanted darker and edgier to lighter and softer because of the terrible times that were happening.  In the case of Power Rangers, Time Force toned down because of the 9/11 incident.  This in return can also affect censorship laws like for example, notice that Super Sentai in the past is a lot more violent than Super Sentai of the present.  By adjusting to time, it actually defeats my thinking that the franchise itself has aged past its prime.

Children are the primary market of Super Sentai.  Well that's what I tend to forget and overlook is that children are the primary market though some older people still watch Super Sentai.  They watch the shows, they may want the toys related to the show.  Well true parents will need to sit down with them but as said, children are the primary market.  Let's just face it, every 80s-90s and last decade have grown up by now and a new bunch of children may have a different preference so it's important to adjust to that.  When times change, children's fad tends to change as well.  Like for example, introducing newer mecha designs like multiple combinations in place of the 90s mecha style (and the 80s introduced the primary robot then after a few years, the secondary robot) and then going back old school and whatever, these actually are important in toy sales.  When I think of kids love dinosaurs, Zyuranger comes to mind and then so does Kyoryuger which also has samba.  Gimmicks that click with the kids is very important and as said, because they are the primary market, being kiddie isn't a bad thing if it's done right.  This might also explain why Sentai is not as serious or violent as it used to aside from time changes I have just mentioned.

With these factors, Toei really has to have changes in order to continue the legacy of Super Sentai.  In fact, I would want to believe that after Gokaiger, Super Sentai has entered into another era because of the new set of children audience.


  1. Changes are good but if the script blows then why does it matter???


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