The Brighter Side of My Personal Issues with Super Sentai

I have written about the issues I have with Super Sentai as of late, still liking the 80s-90s era better than the 2000s.  After that, I felt like Tokusatsu in general had gotten too kiddie but hey, I just thought here's the brighter side of my personal issues with Super Sentai because what I may dislike may actually be good for the franchise in itself because the primary market are children:

The amount of mecha with the tendency for an overload.  For an older fan, it might get boring except if they are really that strong in their fandom for Super Sentai but kids love mecha.  I would say maybe some say, "Well that's too much mecha, that's boring." but at the child's viewpoint, they'll say, "Wow that's cool, that's a lot of mecha."  This one in turn keeps Super Sentai running and might be one good reason why it still manages to extend itself.  At this point, I would probably say most of Toei's producers aren't that good for me but I'll credit them for continuing to appeal to the kid's market.  This means more toy sales and well for those who love to collect toys even as adults, there's much to collect.

Most villains aren't so frightening these days may be better for Super Sentai than bad for it.  Maybe parents did complain that sometimes villains went over the border in their antagonistic roles a lot of times in the past resulting in changing them into less frightening and tend to get comedic at times because times have changed.  If Toei doesn't respond to that, expect the genre to crash.  For example, some villains like Radiguet, Shadam or Grandienne might be overly scary and later, those types don't click as much as they used to.  So toning down villainy and keeping them a little more "kid friendly" may actually be a very feasible thing to do to keep Super Sentai running.

Various gimmicks and running gags can be good for the kid's market.  Kyoryuger has dinosaurs and samba?  Well as much as I find that silly but if kids really love it, if they love Riku Sanjou's writing this series with all the gimmicks it has to share, then I should appreciate them for the sake of the kids.  If kids love to be entertained with gimmicks like the gadgets, weapons, stupid plans to take over the world by the villains, etc. in Super Sentai, then Toei will really need to respond to that.

Overall, I just had to remember Super Sentai's primary market these days is for kids and these stuff manage to help Super Sentai and Tokusatsu in general help Toei earn money and go on.  


  1. //After that, I felt like Tokusatsu in general had gotten too kiddie but hey//

    GARO and Ultra-Seven X (both toku made for adults) would like to have a word with you.


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