Why Power Rangers Fans Who Like Super Sentai Should Also Watch Pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai!

Sure there are Power Rangers fans who are checking out Super Sentai but if they're only starting with Zyuranger, they're still missing a lot.  That is, how can you actually appreciate Super Sentai if you don't check out the pre-Zyuranger ones?  Maybe they like Dairanger or Kakuranger but still like Zyuranger more, fine but as said, please give pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai a chance!

Well any Power Rangers fan who's checking out Super Sentai should check out the legendary writer Hirohisa Soda's works!  The reason has to be this- he really gave Super Sentai a strong foundation that lasted for some time.  Just my thought, sure he's pretty old now but we can't discount his amazing writing styles that somehow influenced Yasuko Kobayashi, Toshiki Inoue, Naruhisa Arakawa and the late Noboru Sugimura who wrote Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger and Ohranger.  In fact, Soda's works are something you can't miss.  No Super Sentai fan should ever dare not to watch any of his works.

Lots and lots of action scenes.  If you watch pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai, you will realize there's been a lot more action there than most of what the newer Super Sentai has to offer.  For example, maybe you might be enjoying Gekiranger and Dairanger but please don't leave Maskman out, the very first martial arts Super Sentai.

Next, you could actually get into tons of development, darker themes and drama which most Super Sentai today doesn't have as much.  Liveman has to be the darkest of the pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai.  Maybe some of these PR fans are watching Hurricanger but Liveman may be the better fraction of the real deal!  It would be nice to get darker and edgier aside from lighter and softer as well.

Learn more about how Super Sentai came to be with its tropes.  So maybe they've seen "teenagers with attitude" in Super Sentai in Megaranger but Turboranger was the "trope codifier".  Okay Turboranger's not really the best imo, the show had its issues but I still think it's worth a watch.  This will actually give some idea of how mecha and plots were developed overtime for better or for worse.

So I hope these Power Rangers fans who may have started watching Super Sentai would watch pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai as well.