Mei the Arrow-Firing Rishiya Princess!

Since it's October and well, I forgot it's Women's Month aside from Halloween, I'm willing to wear a pink ribbon to help fight against breast cancer too.  Now moving on, I'll do this character spotlight on Mei.  I have done a character spotlight for Mako, Momoko, Lin and Sakura... time to do on Mei who I believe deserves much spotlight here.   Before Erina Nakayama was born in 1995, Reiko Chiba was the moe of 1992.  Moving on... I'd love to talk about the Rishiya Princess Mei who is the arrow firing princess.  While appearing to be gentle, cute and sweet but beware, she knows how to fire arrows... and even if she's not as badass as Jun Yabuki or Megumi Mori... you can't deny that she fires them with extreme accuracy.  She may easily break into tears but those tears also empower her one way or another.

One of my favorite moments of Mei was when she was poisoned by an apple.  Bandora knew that only her arrow can destroy the apple on Dora Ladon's head, which she nearly died in that experience.  As the Warrior of Love, she overcame that ordeal because of her love for her teammates.  While she has none romantic involved (though I tend to fan pair her with Geki but NEVER fan pair her with Burai unless you want to get cracky), she shows love is more than romantic.  She has a love for children then again, so do the rest of the Zyurangers.  She also showed love can be self-sacrificing when she took the risk that she might die during Dora Guzzler's appearance... she read of how her ancestor gave her life to defeat a similar monster.  Luckily, she survived.

She found a rival in the woman called Lami who arrived during the Green with Evil Arc.  My favorite moment of Mei vs. Lami was during the time Lami collected the souls of children.  I just love how she battles Lami.  It kind of reminds me of the rivalries pink rangers had with female villains.  For example, one of the best rivalries ever done was Five Pink vs. Doldora (who also resembled Lami, and Lami may have been inspired from her).  The whole battle between the two proved one was a warrior of hate, the other was a warrior of love.  It also reminded me of the episode when Haruna was trying to battle Jarmin's scheme to steal love from others.

Towards the finale, Mei showed herself as the team heart.  In fact, she was always known for what she was, the Warrior of Love!


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