Sentai Badass Moment: Jun Yabuki in "Run 21,999 Seconds"!

After some Sentai Comedy, I would also talk of Sentai Moment of Badass.  These are scenarios in Super Sentai that make you go, "WOAH!" when you think about it because the scene was so badass, you can't believe it.  Well even if it was too CGI filled or action-filled, you cannot deny the scene was badass.  But in this case, it's a lot of pure action over CGi and the actress Sumiko Tanaka pulls out a very dangerous stunt in here.

Now I do like Mika's concept better than Jun (fortunately Mika's concept didn't die with her) but episode 16 of Bioman will be my first coverage for badass.  Jun is one awesome yellow ranger and this episode really, REALLY shows why Jun is one incredible badass.  And in this episode, she was also asked to deliver a doll to the village doctor who is really... FARRAH!

The plot of the episode was where everyone but the Biomen know of Dr. Man's latest scheme to trigger Mt. Koji to erupt... which in turn will release an intensity 8.0 something earthquake in Japan when 3:00 P.M. hits based on Japan's timezone.  To distract the Biomen, Farrah puts up a ruse to make it look like she's kidnapped which shows Jun's badassery!

What's also so badass in that... just look at the picture. Can you get any more badass than that?!  I really think not.  I mean, I haven't seen Mei do that in Zyuranger.  Megumi has her awesome archery but Jun.... well I'd be scared to fired at by those arrows!  She takes out those Mecha Humans pretending to kidnap Farrah before she is rescued by the others when she is outnumbered by Gear.