Sentai Injustice: Garoa's Character Decay and Demise

After I wrote about Chevalier, let me discuss about another terrible character decay that is Garoa.  So at first, Garoa happens to be one badass commander but the later half of the show turns him into somewhat idiotic.  So I would say that while Garoa did have his own moments but I felt like writing him into an idiot for the second half was a Sentai injustice.

Early Fiveman episodes presented Garoa though moronic (well most Sentai villains are idiots) was a badass fighter.  In episode 15, he saw that Zone was failing and to protect the others from Meadow's wrath, he volunteered to fight the Fivemen and settle his rivalry with Gaku.  He was one to be aggressive of his duty for Meadow and he was very devoted to his job as captain.  In episode 13, I can't help but admire him when he guarded the others from Meadow's wrath being accountable for his actions.

The problem was even before Chevalier arrived, he was already becoming more of an idiot after episode 20.  It wasn't all that bad considering he did introduce the Franken Capsule which produced better monsters.  I mean that Crab-Antilion Gin required the Fivemen to bring in the big guns if they wanted to win.  The problem was that Garoa was soon decayed into more of a comic relief slowly but surely, rather than keep him vicious and badass.  And I found how Garoa was dismissed rather stupid way to wrap things up... WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND COMBINES MONSTERS BACK TO BACK?!

I would admit he did have a good springboard during the time he was demoted into the janitorial post which proved he was really resourceful.  For one, using a Gorlin, using the super energy into it and then creating Big Garoan was no easy feat.  True was defeated at the end of the episode but remember, the Super Five Robo was in very bad shape.  Plus, he showed signs of being aggressive.  The final battle didn't do much good either.  I mean, I thought Garoa should have died against the Fivemen rather than die being stuck in Meadow's coffin.  Oh well.