Sentai Rambling: Them Super Sentai Purists Are Talking Like Resigned Philippine National Police Chief Alan La Madrid Purisima!

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When it comes to discussing with the Super Sentai purists, I think it's time to really bring the legal law dictionary on their faces to stop their nonsense. When it comes to conversations with them that Power Rangers is not bootleg, you can get a load of nonsense. Well it's been a long time I haven't written something like this but sorry for those Super Sentai purists, it doesn't mean that I'm neutral or that I don't really like Power Rangers as of current that I'll join the Super Sentai purist bandwagon of haters.

They can call me a traitor all they want, a retard but as said, I'd rather not waste my time directly arguing with them. Besides, what's wrong with me not really liking Power Rangers but not bashing it? I can always treat it as a flavor of my favorite brand of ice cream that I wouldn't look for but I'd eat it if somebody offered it to me like pistachio ice cream or ube ice cream.

Looking back at the interrogation that was conducted by Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago towards Resigned PNP Chief Purisima, you should really hear him talk all his nonsense. To say he didn't give an order, only an advice and only delegated the responsibility but not the accountability. For those Super Sentai purists, they really tend to speak nonsense at more than one level. They can say that they are enlightened people but the more I hear them speak, the more they sound like the resigned PNP Chief in more than one level. Doesn't it sound like the Super Sentai purist talking and whining about how they insist that Power Rangers is bootleg? Sidenote to this, I am also using Purisima as an example because if you notice, the surname Purisima means "pure" and if you take away some letters, you get the word Purism from Puris(i)m(a). They are speaking in a strange new language called "Purisimese" which for them is a higher school of thought.

Going back to my International Marketing class, I still remembered the lecture on adaptation and localization, why it happens. The more I think about Super Sentai and Power Rangers, you may check out my article that I wrote for JEFusion on the cultural differences between the two franchises and why shows start to get adapted or localized. To say Power Rangers is not an adaptation is in a way, challenging anybody who has at least read a business dictionary. Knowing something about international marketing, I also thought of how Power Rangers is neither bootleg, it's a localization for American audiences and no legalized theft was involved. 

Well it's time to ask this question, right?!

The whole argument that Power Rangers is bootleg is already getting old faster than you think. Do they even know the definition of bootleg in the dictionary to begin with? It's something that is UNAUTHORIZED FOR VIDEO OR AUDIO RECORDING. Now I dare say that Saban's Masked Rider looks like its bootleg in appearance due to how horrible the production is but it's not bootleg in substance because it was perfectly legitimate, in short it's not even bootleg! Remember that the late Shotaro Ishinomori only decided not to have any more of his works adapted was due to the bad production, not because it was bootleg. If it was bootleg, Ishinomori would have sued Saban but no, he just simply denied him any more rights after the contract was over and done with. Power Rangers is not at all unauthorized video or audio recording, Toei gave them that permission to do so and as said, it's NOT bootleg at all.

When we take a look at Power Rangers, why didn't Toei sue Saban and why is Toei's name in the credits?! The issue is plain and simple that Saban had the rights, the contract is there black and white for both parties, Saban pays royalties and as long as he abides by the contract, it's legalized giving and not legalized theft. Even if Saban has taken some footage and costumes, remember he paid Toei for his continual use. Toei makes money from Power Rangers and they penetrated the American market with Power Rangers. 

If they can't defend their stand, then it's time to do a categorical mistake on purpose. As a "higher school of learning" then one must redefine bootleg never mind some of those people have a very shallow vocabulary. This also means it's time to make a comparison between Power Rangers and Gavan Bootleg to justify Power Rangers is bootleg aside from the "legal theft" argument. One can say that even if Gavan Bootleg was not legally bootleg but in form and substance, he was bootleg. Saban may have gotten the rights legally but it's still bootleg in form and substance because it's imitates Power Rangers to a certain extent. It's just like comparing apples to oranges. Gavan Bootleg was called as such in the movie's context because he was an illegal reproduction by Maku.

What might be ignored on purpose is that an imitation is not necessarily bootleg. A bootleg is an imitation but an imitation can also be defined as, "a literary work designed to reproduce the style of another author", "to do the same thing as (someone)", " to copy (someone's or something's behavior, sound, appearance, etc.)", "to follow as a pattern, model, or example", resemble or reproduce. While I do agree that Power Rangers is imitates of Super Sentai but as said, how can it bootleg even in context if it doesn't fit in the definition? Imitation of writing styles happen a lot and not just between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. When Janperson imitates some of Robocop's concepts, it doesn't mean Janperson was bootlegging Robocop. Then they'll say, "Oh but Janperson looks different from Robocop." but you can't deny that there are some ways Janperson imitates Robocop. Power Rangers may use the footage of Super Sentai together with their original footage but it's still not bootleg even in form and substance. Depending on context, imitation may or may not mean counterfeit.

Then they can also resolve to the misuse of the term called as "legalized theft" (assuming that the bootleg argument failed, the moment they are told that Toei gave Saban the rights to use the costumes and footage, Toei is 100% aware of that) to justify their hatred for Power Rangers. If they really want to know what legalized theft is then look no further than unjust taxation policies and unfair government seizure of property? One signature from the pen of the highest authority and legalized theft takes place. You can also have any criminal who gets legal government protection. That's real legalized theft.

Why don't they use all that energy to protest against the Bureau of Internal Robbery. Instead, they are wasting their time attacking Power Rangers, barking at Saban for supposed legalized theft that they tend to forget that their real enemy is the Bureau of Internal Robbery and her "excellency" the Konsomisyoner Kill Henares or the government, such as Alberto Lina who is abusing his power at the Bureau of Crocodiles to extract unjustifiable fees from Overseas Filipino Workers. Wow, they are always barking at the wrong tree in more than one occasion. As said, they can go ahead and quibble around with me but I know the term legalized theft cannot be applied to Saban. Instead, it applies to those people in the government who are using their power to steal funds from the public for their own personal use or using and abusing one's power or position. 

In the case of Saban, if he really "stole" the image of Tokusatsu, Toei would have discontinued the contract years ago. Even with the name "Saban's" plastered to Power Rangers, Toei is still recognized in the process whether they like it or not. As long as Toei allows Power Rangers to exist, Saban can produce it all he wants because it's a contractual agreement. The purists say, "Well we know that but that doesn't change the fact Power Rangers is bootleg." Power Rangers is a licensed imitation and localization because Super Sentai is culturally different. The argument ends up like how Purisima had argued around the bush trying to defend his violation of terms of preventive suspension, saying he didn't give an order but only an advice and such words in their quest to vilify Saban as a bootlegger.

They also play around with the words "adapt", "remake" and "localize" to justify their argument that Power Rangers is fake. True, Power Rangers is a localization and based on international marketing classes, the phenomenon of localizing imported shows happens because of cultural differences though the problem in the Philippines is a lack of quality. For example, I really don't like Zaido not because it's a localization but because it's poorly, badly written TV drama at more than one level and to think it came from people who have more experience than I do. Power Rangers is a localization and adaptation, made to fit for the American audiences. It's amazing how bullheaded these people are at more than one level while they call those who are neutral with Power Rangers as the ones who are bullheaded. They see Toei's name on the credits, they see Power Rangers is legitimate but they refuse to accept it. It's just like Purisima when he refused to face the fact it was his fault that the SAF-44 died because he intervened.

What was worse, this interview with Kenji Ohba was taken out of context. I am afraid that the Sentai purists just love to take things out of context to suit their needs. It's just like Purisima's way of talking during the Senate hearing. The same goes for how they claim Go-Busters is an anti-Power Rangers season, stating that Vaglass is Saban and that only the enemy robots were called Megazords. But taken into context, the Megazords were how every mecha in Go-Busters was used where it was piloted by the good guys or the bad guys. Man, I am reminded of Purisima at more than one level for how they take things out of context.

Now notice these words as the interviewer said, "I feel very honored to be part of the Super Sentai series for many roles I have done and now the same series has been localized, recreated in many countries to count the 20th anniversary. And I SINCERELY look forward that the Power Rangers series to go further more. And I heard the DVD set will be available at Power Morphicon 2012, August 17 to 19 at Pasadena, California, for the Power Rangers, and hope many people buy the sets. And as CS Toys International, we are also going to the special event there. And we would like to have Mr. Ohba's message for people at Power Morphicon."

Looking at their saying, "Well look the video says Power Rangers was localized and recreated, not adapted. Boy, it sounds as stupid as Purisima's misuse of words. When a show gets adapted, it's localized and recreated to fit the target audience. In the case of Power Rangers, they legitimately borrowed and paid for the use of the costumes (to film their own footage) and some of the footage which they intend to use. In the case of Dino Charge, I do salute the fact that show has produced a lot of original footage. Every time they say that Power Rangers is just a localization, not an adaptation (misusing the Akibaranger subs), it's just as stupid as when Purisima said that he delegated the responsibility but not the accountability. My response would be that they should really hear themselves talk and that their kind of language beats around the bush.

Kenji Ohba at the end of the video said these words, "Hello to you all and THANK YOU for coming to Power Morphicon 2012. We heard Power Rangers are celebrating its 20th anniversary very soon, and, I would like to personally congratulate all the actors, staff, and fans for their spirited to make this milestone for the history of Power Rangers. I myself, too, have been supported by thousands of voices of our fans of the Super Sentai series, and without them I would not be here. To all you fans of Power Rangers, let the legend continue not just the 20th but the next 30th to come. I continue to look forward for the FURTHER SUCCESS of the Power Rangers brand, the actors and all of you fans. THANK YOU."  Looking at those words, Ohba still thanks Power Rangers and that it's been part of the family. If it were bootleg, he would have said something like, "To all fans of Power Rangers, F*CK off and I don't want the legend to continue. Don't let it go further. Saban, you are going to be sued to oblivion. I look forward to you getting locked up in jail for copyright infringement." but the words above were FAR FROM IT. Even if I don't really like Power Rangers, I still wish it for the best because if it wasn't for that franchise, Toei won't be able to go overseas.

If this ain't a warm reception, would the Sentai purists rather accept the plastic smiles of a lot of the unruly people of Tondo, Manila?

I could also add this one where Yoshi Sudarso from Power Rangers Dino Charge had a selfie with the Ninningers. The Sentai purists might say, "Oh it's just business and nothing more." or "That's just Photoshopped!" but closer zoom in will tell you that it's NOT Photoshop. The pictures came from Yoshi Sudarso's Twitter where he met the Ninninger's first five members in PERSON and that selfie doesn't look like a hostile reception. In fact, it was a WARM RECEPTION and not like the silly smiles of many Filipinos that is plastic or trying to hide one's misery. Look at the picture, you can feel the warm reception. Oh boy, those Sentai purists might as well boycott the Ninningers for "siding with the enemy". They might as well say, "Boycott Ninninger, traitor to Sentai!" and of course, they'll just be laughed off for the right reasons.

Also, if Power Rangers were bootleg, those Sentai purists should tell me then to why did Yuuta Mochizuki meet with Austin St. John and even shook hands with him? Why did Takumi Hashimoto, Reiko Chiba and Aohisa Takayasu show up the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention? Don't give me anymore of the "no warm reception" argument or "That doesn't change the fact that Power Rangers is a bootleg, copycat show," because if Power Rangers were bootleg, it would have been a hostile reception. But instead, they had more or less a normal reception with each other. Well they better get their claim that there was no warm reception certified by the Super Sentai actors, come on I dare them!

Those Sentai purists might as well explain themselves. Were they expecting hostility between the stars of their beloved Super Sentai and with the cast of Power Rangers? Did they wish that the Ninningers would throw Yoshi away from the studio and never take that picture? Did they want the Super Sentai actors to get even? I guess they are disappointed their expectations were not met at all. I guess they expected that there would be hostility but instead, the Super Sentai cast members welcomed the Power Rangers cast members with open arms. Yoshi got his welcoming call in Japan when he went to meet the Ninningers.

Well sorry Sentai purists of the Philippines, you don't get to organize Henshin Con!

I guess the members of the Super Sentai purist organization in the Philippines are disappointed that they are not the ones holding Henshin Con. Why should any Henshin Con event be held by those sore losers? Instead, it was held by JEFusion instead of the Super Sentai purist groups. I'll admit that it wouldn't make any sense to let the Super Sentai purist groups to even organize any Toku-related event because it will be CHAOS with how they might treat Power Rangers fans. JEFusion itself has had very few biases and as I'm currently writing for them at an occasional scale one way or another, at least to build my experience up as an ever-learning writer.

I would admit that during the interview with Chris Cantada, perhaps there was also that wish that they wished their favorites Kazunori Inaba and Kei Shindachiya would badmouth Power Rangers, instead a much different answer came out. I wonder if they wanted to hear these words like, "Power Rangers is bootleg, Saban must go to jail." instead of what they heard from Chris Cantada's interview with both legends of the past. I guess that unexpected answer was a slap plus the fact that Cantada himself was the one doing the interview, he's both a Super Sentai and Power Rangers fan. I guess they hate Cantada because he got the chance to interview both legends and not them. I'm just speculating but what if it's true?

Besides, I wouldn't want them organizing Henshin Con and oh wait, I guess they're angry at JEFusion for being a "traitor site" and now I'm a traitor too because I don't support their childish cause? If there's anything else I can say, they might just be a bunch of weaboos if that's ever the right term considering that a weaboo is someone who blindly adores Japanese culture as if it were the best. I guess they do have their stupid reason to say, "Super Sentai is better because it's Japanese." which is no better than the Power Rangers purist saying, "Power Rangers is better because it's in English." Besides, there is NO perfect Super Sentai season and two, can I help it if I like the older seasons better or if I don't like Kyoryuger as much as I don't like Samurai, Megaforce and ToQGer? 

All I can say to them with their overly biased accusations is, "REALLY?!" While they go ahead and rant, who knows that Bandai, Saban and Toei must be laughing at them.

Updated on: January 4, 2015


  1. Finally, someone who sees the absolute fucking stupidity of the Toku fandom of the Philippines. They brag about the shows that Japan GAVE them and now they think they evolved into higher beings. Good job, man!


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