Ninninger Giving Tribute To Dragon Quest And Other Roleplaying Games?

I may not be a huge RPG lover but I remembered playing Dragon Quest VIII for the Playstation 2 and I am looking forward to owning a Playstation 4 together with Dragon Quest Heroes (English version). Honestly, this was much better than the story mode time in ToQGer IMHO as the Ninningers enter into the game themselves while foiling a game related monster. References to Tsubaraya's hero Gridman (or Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad) anyone?

The first one is where there is the quest to liberate a kingdom. It just reminded me of how often that my RPG-playing video gaming peers would talk about Final Fantasy's and Dragon Quest's cliches.

I guess to save time or what, they decided to use a 16-bit Super Nintendo-like graphic since making 3D graphics would take time and well, you know Tokusatsu special effects do have a tight budget. I thought it was nice to throw back to 16-bit gaming and honestly, I miss a lot of my old games.

Now here's where things get a bit more interesting with the characters....

Takaharu being the Hero... and he's dressed up like a Dragon Quest character. Considering he is the red ranger, it's only normal he got that costume.

Yakumo is a mage... which is normal considering he is the team magician.

Priestess Kasumi? Hmmm but isn't she supposed to be the smart one of the group?

Kinji as the warrior, no questions asked.

And Fuuka, poor Fuuka is an elf? Well I'm reminded of how short she really is and she may have had to tiptoe when she was part of Yoshi Sudarso's selfie because she is short. Sidenote, does Sudarso play RPG games too aside from the fact he's a fan of Super Sentai? She does make a cute elf though though I'd like to joke Santa Claus might pass by anytime and pick her up... assuming Santa Claus exists in the VS Universe of Super Sentai!

Now for the mechanics...

In an RPG you tend to only get a party of four at once (for Dragon Quest) or in some RPGs only a party of three.

Well the battle just starts as....

Well the Wild Jukkarages are introduced as foes that approach. As the game goes by, you see the captions you see from classic RPGs.

After the Jukkarages are defeated, a box is dropped. It reminds me of how certain defeated enemies drop something when you defeat them. The box looks pretty much like it came from Dragon Quest.

And now I'm reminded of those magic mirrors in the RPG games. I can only remember the Sun Mirror in Dragon Quest VIII though.

And now we get status ailments...

 Looking at the four status ailments, doesn't it remind you of Dragon Quest again? It reminds me of those annoying status ailments as shown above that gives the enemy the upper hand against you. But what's RPG without these status ailments right?

Relax, these guys did't leave us so soon. They were "trapped" but in an RPG game, your character/s get/s stuck in a coffin, it's because the character's HP has been dropped to zero.

Or did the show also have Knights of Tir Na Gog (Saban's original production) in mind? Hmmm... now only if Saban can create more original works or two, Toei and Saban should try to create at least one original work together.


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