I'm Feeling Positive About Zyuohger

After Gokaiger, it as when I felt like that there was going to be a real slump. I did like Go-Busters but other fans felt like it wasn't enough to make up for the hype that was Gokaiger. Then after Go-Busters I'll admit that Kyoryuger was one show that really wasn't my cup of tea to the point watching Abaranger subbed by Another Imagination Station was a huge relief. ToQGer was really the season where Yasuko Kobayashi either burnt out or just gave up writing a good story. Ninninger ended up having so-so episodes, some of them were entertaining but I felt like that trying to force the season into the VS. Continuity instead of being standalone was due to ratings. Now this time after a few episodes of Zyuohger I am really feeling positive in some way.

So what's up with Zyuohger to why I'm feeling positive after several seasons left me feeling down in the dumps so I decided to go backwards for some time? There's been better characters written by new headwriter Junko Komura of the Indonesian Tokusatsu series Bima Satria Garuda. I haven't seen Garuda yet but I hear it's good so I want to see it. From the first few episodes, there's been a cast of likable characters, there's really some proper pacing as the other Zyuohgers still try to adjust to our world, there's some funny stuff going on and even if I think that the "Minecraft Megazord" is just plain "ugly" and "awkward" but again, some shows didn't have so much good mecha but had some pretty good writing. Some of these shows I can name are Changeman (found Change Robo looking awkward), Maskman's Galaxy Robo had an awkward design and Shinkenger used origami-ish robots but good writing helps make up for it. I feel the same is happening with Zyuohger.

The premiere episodes really start out strong in its own way. So in the first to second episode, we get an idea what kind of people are the Zyumen that team up with the protagonist Yamato Kazakiri. There's all that well-timed awkward reactions or getting to understand how these characters try to adjust to each other. Yamato's interaction with the Zyumen as the sole human of the Zyuohger (though I believe we'll get an explanation how he became a Zyuohger later in the series) is also a fun watch. In a first few episodes, we are getting to understand some of the Zyumen's strengths and weaknesses or that while they desire to find the Champion Cube, they are unlocking other Cube Animals and discovering various ways of power-ups which will be seen in the upcoming episode.

All these may contribute to why I felt more excited for the next episode. It doesn't have that Daigo-centricity or the overly lively to the point it can get obnoxious vibes of Kyoryuger nor does it have ToQGer's boring cliches. Also, I'm really looking forward to Zyuohger's upcoming crossover with Kamen Rider Ghost. While I was more into Kamen Rider during the airing of Go-Busters up to Ninninger but I don't feel too much of vibes with Kamen Rider Ghost compared to waiting for the next episode of Zyuohger. I guess fans might also be expecting that there will be a Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai which might involve last decade or this decade's cast returning to guest star. So what's next for Zyuohger? I can't wait and see.


  1. There is no denial that after Gokaigers that Quality Sentai is no more and I still insist that Go-Buster is truly the last of Quality Sentai aside of those Pirates.

    Personally, it it doesn't matter what other people or the majority thinks of a show especially in a negative manner but if only you like it. I don't push it or irk them(except for Jill Sylvan) but I have been vocal of Jetman is not my slice of pizza.
    Mecha wise after Go Busters most robots look like absolute shit. It started with that Go-On Robo then three years later we had a line of crappy looking Robos. But I can only agree with you that Change Robo was generic and dull with the large cone head. Jet Icarus missed the mark as I thought it was dull(no offense Jetman fans).
    However Galaxy Robo had that cool football player look and Shinken Robo had that rad origami touch which works and one of the best a homage to Muteki Shogun.

    I have not seen one episode of ZyuOhger I hope I can agree with you that it is a return to Quality Sentai!

  2. Main mecha-wise, I find Go-Buster-Oh and Shurikenjin more acceptable. For Kyoryujin, I went WTF upon seeing how Gabutyra's head is awkwardly positioned on the shoulders but I eventually got over it. But the ones I can never get over with are ToQ-Oh and Zyuoh King (especially the latter with its lazy-looking transformation).

    I also agree with you with Ghost. It was interesting up until the time of Toucon Boost's debut. Ghost still looks okay, but not that much anymore. Plot-wise, as stated by Orends: Range in one of his reviews, it feels like the writer has already given his all up until the episode I mentioned. Now, it feels like he's just forced to extend the plot to make it last a whole year. Like I said, it's still good but not that much anymore (but not really to the point of boringness that Wizard got in the middle of its run). Anyway, we still have more questions left unanswered such as the mysteries of the Ganma World or what really happened to Ryu Tenkuuji. But if there's one thing I hate, it's Toucon Boost being spammed unnecessarily (Type Tridoron, at least, has a good reason to be spammed).

  3. i like kyoryuger at the first time, but the story is worse and worse. toqger, i like their creativity, but i can't continue to watch for every week, because it's quite boring. ninninger, for the first 20 episodes are good, but worse and worse, even the last episode is still terrible. but i also feel positive to zyuohger, the action, actor and their property are good. Actually I think Sentai series were worse and worse in 21st century, until shinkenger, i can see another hope for sentai. later, goseiger, gokaiger and gobuster, i do like them...

  4. Gokaiger wasn't even that good, fanservice aside. I'd say ToQger was a much better show as a whole.

    Anyways, Zyuohger wasn't bad, it was just too red focused for my tastes.


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