How Often Are Rangers Willing To Have A Prolonged Fight With A Monster Of The Week Out Of Suit?

Something about Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider may have the typical, "Let's fight those foot soldiers out of suit!" scenario but not everyone is really going to dare to really have a prolonged fight with a monster of the week OUT OF SUIT! Such a stunt can be considered as either foolish or brave by the viewers.

Looking back at a few episodes of older Super Sentai, something never got off my attention back then like Momoko in Maskman fighting Dokura Dobler out of suit to teach some children the value of perseverance. Later, we'd have Ken Hoshikawa beat Amoeba Rugin out of suit. Yes, a lot of characters do their stunts out of suit but question is, how many of them were willing to beat up a monster completely out of suit?

Momoko's example in Maskman was really something that stood out. She's a martial arts teacher to a bunch of children. She wanted to teach them the value of honor so she fought Dokura Dobler out of suit. I thought that was a whole lot of character development considering not so many dared to do so. As much as I like Takeru as my favorite character in the series but he didn't really dare do that. Though after the awesome scene, the episode ended with the Great Five getting buried alive.

Fiveman managed to do something that I believe should have been copied into Lightspeed Rescue. Ken Hoshikawa defeating Amoeba Rugin out of suit was something. There's been a lot of that amazing leaping and beating the monster. Not so many rangers ever can do that. Hmmm... I think Chad in Lightspeed Rescue should've ended his one on one battle with Cyclopter landing a punch out of suit causing the monster to blow up.

Kyousuke is the very first red ranger to actually really defeat a monster out of suit. This was because he was trying to prove his love for Zonette which led to her redemption from Bykergang. Zonette tells him, "Just transform already." but he shows he's raw power. This moment made him my favorite Carranger even more. I really wish Ryou did the same with Pot Taoist but most of it were focused on his rivalry with Jin Matoba instead.

Sometimes, it just goes to death defying levels. GoGo Five had Daimon fighting Spartan out of suit in a judo match. I'm not really that fond of Judo but I'll admit the scene has its own credits. The fight didn't end with Daimon having a suitless victory though. In this case though, Nagare is my favorite GoGo V member.

Hoji in Dekaranger dared to fight Jilvan a steroid powered up monster out of suit. As much as I felt it's not really up to par with with 80s to 90s Super Sentai (since Super Sentai after Timeranger started basically moderating action scenes and seriousness to near TV-Y7-FV levels) but you can't deny this is still a good scene. No Dekaranger ever dared to fight an Alienizer like this guy making him all that badass.

Eiji in Boukenger had a fight with Hyuga out of suit. As much as he's my favorite Boukenger but I still felt like this scene wasn't that good but still, that was a risky move. I would still go, "Eiji, don't!" even if I knew he was half-Ashu.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Can we also count Black Turbo in Turboranger. Daichi dueled the Sumo Boma in a Sumo match and did not have his powers until end.

    In Kakuranger, Ninja Black Jiraiya duels Dorotabo live on tv doing Judo, Kenjitsu and Boxing and no Ninja Black also did not morph.


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