Kyuranger Space 12: Lucky's Lucky Again

Is it me or is Kyuranger trying to sell as many Bandai merchandise as early as possible? Hopefully, this doesn't ruin the quality of the toys. I agree the toys look good for now but having a hasty production may compromise quality. Now it's time to move towards Lucky getting his luck again.

We learn something about Lucky's past. I guessed it right that he's beein saying "LUCKY!" a lot to cover up his tragic past. He's pretty much like Superman. He lost his parents and he gets sent out to another planet but not Earth. He ends up in the Planet Luth where he grew up. Hopefully this plot will be explored for the better in later episodes. What I actually like about Lucky (even if his saying "LUCKY" is a downside) is that he's an idiot red ranger who's on the path to improvement. 

Garu goes to fix things up with Lucky. It was Lucky who convinced Garu to fight. Now Garu wants to bring Lucky back to his toes. It's a pretty interesting way to do things in Super Sentai when you deliver a punch to your discouraged comrade. Oh, that still reminds me of what Ban did to Hoji in Dekaranger when the latter was so heavily discoruaged. 

Okay, just another glimpse of Darth Sidious ahem Don Armage making a huge holographic appearance. He's got a new special Menaster to be sent to Earth. I was already guessing that Scorpio is definitely at his service which will be seen in the next episode. I just hope we'll start getting more episodes that will explain how Don Armage became the emperor of the Universe. 

Ikagen has actually hundreds of eyes and not just ten. Lucky figures out how to deal with the Gemini Kyu Globe and multiples himself many times, fires shots before morphing into Shishi Red. Everyone finishes off Ikagen. I personally think it's a waste to kill a good villain just like that. So what in the world were they thinking of killing Ikagen?

Ikagen goes giant and we get a new combination called Ryutei Kyuren-Oh. I think isn't it too learn to have another cluster mecha? I'm reminded of how I made that comment while I was watching Boukenger with Ultimate Daibouken coming in so early. This combination does look like a modification of the Buster Ohranger Robo. Honestly, I wished that Buster Ohranger Robo's combining method were shelved permanently as a failed innovative concept but WTF?! I can't imagine the weight that the stuntman endures wearing this suit!

Next week, Scorpio will appear in his monster form. I'm curious to see how this would turn out especially when Stinger has to face off with his wayward older brother. This may also reveal who really murdered Professor Anton. If it's not Stinger then who is it? It looks like we're in for another story arc. But I hope we'll get a lot of interesting story arcs to keep the show going.


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