My Thoughts On Lupinranger VS. Patranger's Latest Update

I remembered writing a rant on the continuation of the legend of Arsene Lupin. Now it's time for me to make another rant so maybe, just maybe I'll be trying to think about the two teams that are in rivalry. It's truly a VS. series and I wonder why in the world did Toei Ltd. approve of the crossover series to have a VS. when Super Sentai teams aren't fighting each other?

Two Super Sentai teams in one season? The main team is Lupinranger and their constant opposition is Patranger. Here's what JEFusion has revealed about them:

Lupin Red/Kairi Yano (Itou Asahi) - A young man who is not to be trusted and is good at making fast decisions.

Lupin Blue/Toma Yumiachi (Hama Shougo) - A gentleman at nature but sometimes gets easily lost in the battle against the Ganglers.

Lupin Yellow/Umika Hayami (Haruka Kudo) - The female member of the team with a strong appearance.

Kogure (Youichi Hotaru) - The Lupinranger's trusted butler who is a descendant of the gentleman thief and master of disguise, Arsene Lupin.

Patran 1/Keiichiro Asaka (Yuki Kousei) - The hot blooded leader of the team who is serious about his duties and hates the Ganglers and the Lupinrangers.

Patran 2/Sakuya Hikawa (Yokoyama Ryo) - The perfect sharpshooter. A young man with a good nature but easily deceived.

Patran 3/Tsukasa Myoujin (Okuyama Kazusa) - A kind young woman who is also serious in putting the Lupinrangers behind bars.

Hilltop Commisioner (Ike Nwala) - The Patranger's commanding officer.

Jim Carter (Rei Kugimiya) - Robotic assistant to the Patangers.

This has me thinking so why didn't they make Kairi the Lupin descendant. Instead, it's their trusted butler? Then again we know that parents and children aren't perfect copies of each other. So maybe, Lupin III (from Monkey Punch) wasn't as smart as his paternal grandfather the first Arsene Lupin (who's the main character in the French cartoon Night Hood). Then we have the three new gentleman thieves who must gather the treasures from the first Lupin.

This doesn't sit too well with the Patrangers. They want to beat the Ganglers but they also hate the Lupinrangers. I guess Kogure isn't related to Detective Zenigata (considering this is a different continuity than to that of Monkey Punch) and neither are his teammates. So why do they hate the Lupinrangers? I guess it's the same reason why Detective Zenigata would hate Lupin III or in Night Hood, Arsene Lupin's frequent thorn is Detective Cannimard. 

I guess this is how the story will go. The Lupinrangers (the main team) wants to get the treasures of Arsene Lupin. This wouldn't sit too well because they're gentleman thieves so that's why the Patrangers are always after them. But they both have the Ganglers as their common opponents which may force them to sometimes team up. Maybe, we'll see a running gag of the Patorangers losing something important to the Lupinrangers every now and then.

Both sides may rival each other's equivalents. Lupinranger and Patran 1 may be a battle of wits vs. ability. This may be a classic Lupin III vs. Zenigata scene. Lupin Blue and Patran 2 may be a battle of two people easily deceived. Lupin Yellow and Patran 3 may be a battle of wits.

So how will they do? We'll just need to wait for the Kyurangers to finally reclaim the Universe first!


  1. I think we have the popularity of Persona 5 in Japan to thank for most of this. The game and soon to be anime series sparked a rebirth of the whole "gentleman thief" idea, which we'll probably see sprinkled into everything for a bit.


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