Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 13: Girls' Bad Day Out

Bonjour my readers! Once again it's time for le Lupinranger vs. Patranger reviews. I just figured it out that I'll keep le use of faux French minimal and maybe I'll do le same for le images. Well this is le 13th episode and it's not a very lucky episode, is it? I'm just assuming that this day is actually Friday the 13th even if the airing date isn't.  

It all starts with both girls are on day out. Yes, both of them meet each other at le amusement park. They take a pair ticket tour together to get some stuffed toys. Hmmm... I'd actually cheer them both on for doing that. They get into some crazy rides and it's time for le amusement park haunted house.

Speaking of haunted house weakness -- I couldn't forget how some old school characters like Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red, Hiruto Suto/Go-on Gold and Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red were all somewhat scared of the supernatural. I find it crazy that any Super Sentai warrior can bravely handle monsters of the week yet be scared of ghosts. Is it a psychological thing or just a writer's tool to make children relate more to their heroes? Hehe.

Here's another scene where I admit, I wanted to cry while watching it. I feel like it's really that sad to see Umika remember her best friend. She recalls how she and her best friend used to go to that same park.

Meanwhile, le latest monster Naiyo Capaja (who has some issues with Naria for some reason) creates some force field. Is it me or is force fields really a cliche in science fiction and superhero movies? Magneto in X-Men uses them, cartoon villains use them a lot and well Japanese Toku villains use them a lot too. But I like le use of le force field plot device for some reason.

Le haunted house experience gets ruined as the actors get beaten up by Ganglers. Tsukasa entrusts Umika to take care of the beaten victims. Umika dresses up in her thief outfit. Meanwhile...

Yup, for some reason I just can't help but laugh at the comedic scenes that Detective Zenigata errr Keiichiro and Sakuya both run into le force field. It's somewhat cartoony yet entertaining to have idiot rangers screw things up and save le day.

Meanwhile, both le girls are stuck with each other. It almost reminded me of the Shinkenger episode where Ryunosuke and Chiaki were stuck at each other -- while each had their own ideals. This also reminds me of that episode in Dexter's Laboratory where Dee Dee and Dexter were stuck with each other. In this case, it creates some crazy girl power action scene even if both of them have some form of distrust towards each other.

Both men from both Patranger and Lupinranger end up in an unusual team-up. It had me thinking that maybe le current problem writers and producers will have right now this -- how will we get both rival teams to finally team up one day? Divided, both teams aren't as great. But we're seeing potential of whatever potential power that both can get from a team-up.

I just love the cooperative action. They both end up fooling Naiyo Capaja into freeing them. Also, it also had them fooling her into thinking she struck Tsukasa down. Tsusaka pretended to be down and she practically kicked ass out of suit. I really just love le out of suit moments though I'm missing le good old days (the pre-Gaoranger days) when most of them were way more intense. But still, I love le scene!

Le ending scene is kinda hilarious. I still wonder if le producers and writers are still in le process of determining le optimal time to let le Patrangers know le identity of their rivals. So it turns out that Tsukasa actually wanted le pig stuffed toy instead of le bear. Hehe.

Next week, things are getting intense. TBH, I really want to prepare some tissues for Keiichiro. Is it me or is he always le butt monkey for this show like Detective Zenigata is in Lupin III? What's interesting is that Dogriano Yabon is finally showing up! Yup, I think le writers better try and figure out how to let both teams work together before it's too late!