Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 21: Just Whose Side Is Noel Takao On?

Bonjour readers! Last week was definitely not a surprise about a double agent coming in from le last episode. Yup, Noel Takao himself is working on both sides for a reason. Was he sent to unite all le Lupin Collection for the good of mankind -- even if it means getting that hotblood Keiichiro to work with Kairi? Would that mean putting both sides to a truce so the Ganglers can finally be defeated? Looks like it! 

Noel arrives at Le Bistot Jurer where he meets the butler of le Lupin Household namely Kogure. So they know each other. So why would le Lupin estate sent him? More importantly could he really be le young master that le audience is looking for? It turned out he created le Lupin Collection modifications for both sides. He wants to put them into good use but can he unite both teams? 

There's still trust issues. Noel's got higher orders so he can't tell le other side -- le Patrangers le identities of the Lupinrangers. I am really thinking that maybe, just maybe he's not really Noel Takao but maybe his real name could be something else. What if he's really half-Japanese, half-French like Arsene Lupin III and his real surname is Lupin? He's being so secretive.

At this point, he works as a double agent. He informs le Lupinrangers where the Patrangers are and how to get le latest piece. They arrive at le location. Noel must be very careful in whatever task he has. If he's planning to unite both teams then it's going to be very difficult.

Le monster of le week Gabatt uses the Turn to Stone piece from le Lupin Collection. Stone or silver? Well, regardless he's already hard to hit as long as he's in hard mode. Hmmm... too bad neither side thought of using a really explosive attack but again, they're near a dam so they can't risk it, right? Also, he plans to flood le city with his cavities which is set to destroy le dam.

Meanwhile, here's one amazing fight scene with Noel using both modes as Lupin-X and Patren-X. This has him regain the confidence of le Patrangers. Then we see more of what's to come.

Le train has two modes namely gold and silver. As Lupin-X he uses silver part of the train and as Patren-X he then uses the gold part. Pat Kaiser uses le trains used from le last episode in order to form yet another robot. But when can we see le three trains combine together? Also, when can we see le possible combination from both sides? I feel like we could be getting close to it!

Meanwhile, Noel gets le trust but it turns out that he's actually had some brilliant plan. He has le Lupinrangers and him fight to make him look like he's really on the side of le police. I guess, he's already known how stupid Keiichiro really is so he has to work on a psychological warfare. Noel has to try to find ways to get both sides working together if that's what he intends to do. I mean, why do you think he's got a connection to both le Lupin Estate and le Patrangers, right?

Kogure meets with Noel and wait -- isn't that the Twin Cutter from Fiveman? It's even got the V insignia! They are going to chat but what is it about? I just really can't wait to see it on le next episode which should probably be a bridge to get both teams together!

Next week, Sakuya somehow plays matchmaker. Sakuya still doesn't know that Umika is Lupin Yellow but I think he has to know it sooner or later. I mean, why not put a Batman vs. Catwoman romance for once? I also would like to see both of them in conflict of interest while trying to pursue a romance with each other.