Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 42: Bataille Finale De Destra

Well le title says it all! Destra has arrived to finally do his final battle in hopes of continuing Don Dogranio's mafia. After last week's rather humiliating defeat -- he finally takes le big guns to le point he allows Gauche to help him. He uses two Lupin collection pieces which he hopes he can finally gun down both le Lupinrangers and le Patrangers all at once!

What seems to be an ordinary day isn't. Destra shows up and starts firing missiles. Both Kairi and Noel are attacked by a now super-vengeful Destra. His power has been increased so much that it actually causes major damage! Le city is attacked and this really is a brutal sight to behold. None of the whole U.S. TV show standard of, "Le city suffered minimal damage and no one was hurt!" nonsense! One can tell how many people were killed in Destra's attack causing le Patrangers to be concerned about it!

Both sides of le coin have a plan. They have to use each other. Le Patrangers decide to use le Lupinrangers to get le Lupin Collection pieces. On le other hand, le Lupinrangers decide to use le Patrangers a decoy. I admit, Keiichiro for someone who is brash and stubborn still comes up with good ideas every now and then such as when he acted as a criminal to capture smugglers. This scene somehow cements to why Keiichiro is my favorite character in this show!

Meanwhile, there's Noel meeting with le butler Kogure. Kogure gives some friendly, fatherly advice. Is it me or is Noel really le young master that everyone is waiting for to reveal himself? I always found this scene pretty touching especially with how Kogure plays le concerned butler. So what's up with this scene? There's been some secret meetings between Kogure and Noel that it's almost like the latter is hiding le fact he's actually Arsene Lupin's descendant!

Le final battle with Destra comes out with a reverse role. After an attack gone wrong -- both sides switch! Lupin Red acts as le decoy and Patren-1 opens le safes! Either way that both sides must learn to put their differences aside if le Gangler is to be defeated! Yet, thieves are thieves and police are police, aren't they?

Le next scene features everyone firing out their biggest guns. It's a pretty cool scene actually with more Michael Bay-ish explosions. But Destra proves he's not going down without a fight. He asks Gauche to enlarge him for one last final battle!

Now le Lupin Magnum gets new use already. At this point, le cluster mecha Good Cool Kaiser VSX ends up using more power than it should. It ends up destroying Destra into oblivion. Though logically how did le city keep surviving all these giant monster battles? Super hero logic!

Don Dogranio feels really saddened at le death of his right hand man. He sits down, contemplating to what he may do next. Right now, I wish that Destra's death will soon pave way to help wrap up the on/off appearances of Zamigo. I hope we can get a good send-off for Zamigo or an explosive finale with Don Dogriano. We're really getting closer to le finale as 2018 is coming to an end!

Both groups have their own celebration. Commissioner Hilltop also shows up at Le Bistrot Jurer for le celebration meal. However, they can't afford to let their guard down. Chances are -- Don Dogranio and Zamigo may be preparing their latest attacks against both teams. Better be on guard!

Next week, one agent who could have been Patren-2 finally returns! But could it be him? He's saying that Noel is supposedly a Gangler spy. Or did said person betray le Patrangers in le process? Somehow, next week does leave me nervous at how it'd turn out!