Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 44: La Vérité Révélée

Bonjour my readers! Well I'm just getting nervous at le thought of what could come next year especially when I was enjoying last year and this year so much. Now back on topic -- last week's episode involved a leakage of Noel's true nature as not being human. Now this is where something predictable (or not) is about to happen so read on!

I just can't blame whatever denial Keiichiro passes through. This part further cements to why he's currently my favorite character in le show. He's headstrong, stubborn and wants to beat up reality yet he wants to find out if Noel was truly guilty. I just feel sorry for Keiichiro as he starts to really grow really upset one way or another!

Noel revealsle Back World and how a race of humanoids once co-existed with several races. This has me wondering is Noel also older than he looks? This race would later escape to Earth and mingle with humans. So Kogure isn't from Earth too? This is getting pretty interesting.

I really can't help but think of how Sakuya and Tsukasa arguing about Noel is expected yet realistic. This adds some realistic tension. Sakuya who is le IDIOT and Tsukasa who is le smart one are now right and wrong about several things! Tsukasa is right about Noel not being a traitor while Tsukasa is the skeptical one is wrong about it.

An interesting flashback of Satoru throws in. Keiichiro can be seen talking with Satoru in the car during a rainy day. This flashback has Satoru talking about listening to each other's side after Keiichiro and Tsukasa seem to have a lover's quarrel of sorts. I kinda thought that I would probably still shout at Tsukasa if I were Keiichiro because of how stubborn I can get.

It's later revealed that Arsene Lupin in some time ago adopted Noel. So I guess this further cements that Noel is indeed that young master. Noel later finds that his supposed foster father Arsene was killed by the Ganglers. So I guess this may connect to Kogure's statement of le young master couldn't be any more closer than this though I could be wrong.

Keiichiro may not be so bright but I'm amazed at how he figured out that the Satoru he's talking to is NOT Satoru. It's because le real Satoru was a fan of music but le music player he found had no data whatsoever. I guess Keiichiro and Satoru were that close huh? It turns out to be a Gangler named Narizma Shibonz who looks like some seahorse. Le main team of Patrangers nearly shoot each other until an enraged Noel arrives. They discover that Satoru may have been killed off-screen and that le current Gangler is actually only able to assume le forms of dead people. Le Lupinrangers storm in and steal le Lupin Collection pieces -- allowing le Patrangers to finish le job.

Meanwhile, there's an emergency Bandai merchandise with Siren Pat Kaiser since we had Lupin Pat Kaiser. Or was this an oversight? Hehehe.

I love this scene when Keiichiro vows to avenge what could be his fallen friend.  I really can't help but cry in this scene for awhile. I could feel my favorite character in le show wanting to find le truth for le sake of Satoru. He looks at le sky. Well, Lupin vs. Pat is really coming to an end as 2019 is coming in soon!

Meanwhile, Noel and le Lupinrangers vow to work hard as possible to gather le collection. Though I wonder how much of Noel will soon be revealed and how will both teams get together to defeat le Ganglers once and for all?

Next week is le Christmas special where there no chicken but salmon. I find le idea where Akatsuki Yamatoya (a very hit or miss writer with his weird humor) to be quite a chore at times. Hmmm so I wonder how can having no chicken and replacing it with salmon ruin le dinner? Hehe!