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Rambling On Super Sentai And Real Life Writes The Plot Scenarios

Ever heard of the plot where it says, "Real Life Writes the Plot"? Well, it's already very common and plenty of them has happened. Super Sentai is no exception to the rule. Ever heard of the first Kamen Rider series when Hiroshi Fujioka injured himself during the stunt scenes that they brought in a second Kamen Rider as a result? Super Sentai has had those issues which would result to certain plots happening every now and then.

Replacement rangers during the older days of Super Sentai

Most of the old school Super Sentai may have had some better storywriting (at least for me) but it did have several plots that resulted to writing off. The first time I encountered was the writing off the original Yellow Four namely Mika Koizumi. I can't forget how I saw her die in the rather badly done dub of Bioman. There were many theories behind why Yuki Yajima left -- some say it was pay issues with Japan Action Club (which she worked part time somewhere else and suddenly left), an…

Ryusoulger Episode 6: Tankjo's Counterattack

Well it's time to greet thee oh readers for another Ryusoulger episode review! This time, it's the conclusion to last week's episode where Cerberus Menasaur's venom also has a poisonous effect. Sidenote, venom is administered through biting or stings -- which passes through an open would while poison is absorbed through swallowing, skin absorption and inhalation. So the Menasaur is both poisonous and venomous. Now, Tankjo prepares his biggest attack yet.
Everyone is wondering why Sanai isn't cured yet. Banba is sure that he did destroy the Menasaur while Melt assumeth that there could be a twin out there. So how two Menausaurs were born instead of one is just awfully puzzling as of the moment. I wish the show can try to explore more of these elements.

Banba doth remind me of the so 90s Gai from Jetman. He's a loner and he would go out there to risk himself as well. He doth go out there to hunt Creon down and force him to reveal how to do the cure. Creon like a…

My Thoughts To A Recent, Random Survey In Japan About One's Favorite Heisei Era Super Sentai

Time changes doesn't it and this is a rather random survey which UkiyaSeed had reported. Here's the top 10 results according to the random survey involving 6,753 participants:

Samurai Sentai ShinkengerKaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai PatrangerHyakujuu Sentai GaorangerRessha Sentai ToQGerKaizoku Sentai GokaigerNinpuu Sentai HurricanegerSpecial Police DekarangerMirai Sentai TimerangerNinja Sentai KakurangerKyuuKyuu Sentai GoGo-V
The research did not specify the age groups considering much time has passed during the Heisei era which started on 1989 and now it's 2019. A total of 30 years and a few months have passed from January 8, 1989 up to the day the survey was given. So what's my latest reaction to the survey? I find all these answers to be rather random which I'd explain. 
Shinkenger at top one in the recent survey? Well, I wonder if we should even be surprised that after 10 years -- Shinkenger gets on top of the survey. It was freaking 10 years ago …

Ryusoulger Episode 5: Hell's Guard Dog

This episode now features "Hell's Guard Dog" -- no I'm not talking about Doggie Kruger. Rather, I'm talking about Cerberus (and the monster's design is AWFUL tbh with three heads coming out of each other rather than the standard Cerberus I'd like to see). This episode starts to have some early-on character development for the siblings Banba and Towa. 
Banba useth the Answer Soul on Ui to find out how the Menasaurs are born. She calls meeting Creon who had used some slime on her. The Ryusoulgers come to the conclusion that they have to destroy Creon. 
Meanwhile, Towa meets a young girl named Sanai who is taking care of an abandoned puppy. It's heartbreaking how this happeneth a lot. Every life is precious isn't it? Well it dependeth but we ought to be protecting life from those who destroy it. Towa starteth to understand that Banba's rather warped principle of killing one life to save many can be a very dangerous thing!

Tanko appeareth to atta…

Coincidence Or Not -- Toei To Release Dragon Quest: Your Story Summer Movie On The Year Of Ryusoulger

Coincidence or not? Ryusoulger for me is more Dragon Quest than dinosaur (and I guess Toei just decided to go with dinosaurs because of last year's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) with all the RPG elements, mythical monsters based on Western mythos (Zyuranger had plenty of them) and now Toei Animation is going to make the Dragon Quest: Your Story movie. Just a note -- the two Dragon Quest Anime series (Dai and Abel) were by Studio Pierrot and Studio Coment and NOT by Toei Ltd. 
Is is really planned or just a coincidence that Toei has an upcoming movie based on Dragon Quest V? I remembered the time when Ryusoulger was leaked to be dragon-based but Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom screened on July 13, 2018 in Japan -- did that catch Toei off-guard? They planned a dragon knight type Super Sentai but ended up releasing dinosaurs? So when did they start to shift to dinosaurs yet still keep the RPG vibes intact? I've watched every week for Ryusoulger and I'm reminded more of Drag…

Toei's Long Innovative Journey With Tokusatsu During The Heisei Era

The Heisei era is ending and the Reiwa ending is about to begin on May 1, 2019. I feel the need to write yet another entry regarding the Heisei era and the innovative struggle to keep things going. The Showa era ended in 1989 and we've got some important events. Kamen Rider Black RX started in the Showa era and ended up entering into the Heisei era early on. Then we have Jiban and Turboranger which are the first true pure Heisei era Metal Hero and Super Sentai entries. Now we've got to think about the innovative struggle of the Heisei era.

Turboranger was the second to the last of Hirohisa Soda's jobs as a headwriter and Jiban was the first Metal Hero written by the late Noboru Sugimura. Black RX wasn't as well-received as its highly ambitious predecessor Kamen Rider Black. Then the end of the 1980s came with the 1990s which I consider to be the best storytelling era as far as Super Sentai and some Metal Hero shows are concerned. Then the era would be heavily focused f…