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That Possible Blurry Line In Super Sentai Generation Gaps

I can't really understand what really happened to me after Gokaiger or was it after Go-Busters? I started to pretend not to like Gokaiger as much because of some people who keep insisting it's the best Super Sentai ever without checking everything before or after it. Personally, I end up rewatching Go-Busters more than Gokaiger though I won't be such a staunch defender of said show. Then I thought about the reality that Super Sentai is really the longest running series ever. Changes happen here and there and some of them happen really well for some time (such as the late 80s to 90s and last decade) or just fall down flat (which is prevalent when writers just get overworked or the wrong writer-producer tandem) every now and then. Then there's also the case of not everything new will click immediately. Sometimes you need to check what went wrong and re-invent your innovative concepts like what GoGoFive did with Fiveman or what Gokaiger did with Kamen Rider Decade. Then …

I Sometimes Enjoy New School Kamen Rider Better Than New School Super Sentai

I would dare say that I can't enjoy everything equally. It's like I like Japanese music better than Korean music while liking Korean food better than Japanese food. I think the same has been with me, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I could still enjoy new school Super Sentai but not as much as the old school (for reasons like the quality of action scenes) all the while I think new school Kamen Rider is better. Okay, I admit, I was guilty of not really checking out much of the 2000s era until some life-changing scenarios such as I felt the need to take a vacation from Super Sentai or the moment the digital age got more advanced made me realized what I just missed. Then I watched more new school Kamen Rider.

Lately, it's safe to say that I like newer Kamen Rider over newer Super Sentai for personal reasons. Sure, Kyuranger can be loads of fun but I got suckered into the medical dramas in Kamen Rider EX-AID and the darker atmosphere of Kamen Rider Build. I didn't want to a…

Ryusoulger Episode 13: The Lady From The Ryusoul Tribe

Yup, this is the summary of the full episode! Welcome to all you readers out there! I was hoping for some expansion of the Ryusoulger folklore then we've got it. I thought of how Zyuranger didn't do a very good job expanding the five tribes' folklores save the Yamato and Rishiya tribes. Now, it's time we meet a guest character who's from the Ryusoul Tribe!
It's time for the news that Japan's first female prime minister (which I hope becomes a reality) was admitted into the hospital. Just then, something unusual is about to pop up as...

Ui discovereth that PM Karino Mioko is actually hundreds of years old. Those women there aren't Karino's female ancestors but it's her. It's time to do some reality check, shall we?

Banba and Towa arriveth at the hospital to pay a visit to the incumbent prime minister. She quickly realizeth that they are using Ryusoul gadgets! She revealeth that she was born from the Ryusoul Tribe to the siblings. She mention…

Ryusoulger Episode 12: The Scorching Illusion

It's time for another Ryusoulger episode! It's time to conclude the Dime Volcano arc with this episode review. Well, what art thou waiting for? Read on?
Ever have the feeling that newer Bandai merchandise tendeth to override the release that happened a few months ago? Granted, the Heisei era is over and the Reiwa era entered. Just expect all the glorious merchandise of the Heisei era to get overshadowed by the Reiwa era. Tyramigo getteth jealous over the arrival of Dime Volcano.

Banba, Melt, and Towa are looking for the possible host. They do discuss on how to handle the jealousy Tyramoigo has. This remindeth me of the scene where Woody got jealous of Buzz in the very first Toy Story movie. If your Bandai merchandise were alive -- don't be surprised if your new toy suddenly got missing!

The victim this time is a fireman trainee named Masaki. Last week's plot was too hanging to be concluded. The Druidons latest plot was to create a fireproof Menasaur. The latest victim…

Ryusoulger Episode 11: The Burning Quiz Master

It's time for another Ryusoulger review! Now, we're getting a two-part involved the Dime Volcano . It asketh questions and if you thou doth not get it -- it will spew out flames! Well, we're getting a dragon here! Now moving onward!
Creon foolishly decideth to take the challenge. Personally, I'm pretty bad at riddles. Though I assume that the answer for the riddle was a pancake if it's an edible pan. Creon nearly getteth himself fried in the process!

Shen Menasaur showeth up yet we doth not know yet who is the host is. This one pretty much looketh like a clam. Okay, anybody out there who wants clam chowder because I certainly don't.

Shen Menasaur has the ability to cast illusions. This one causeth the Ryusoulgers to confuse Ryusoul Blue for a Druidon soldier. Okay, this almost remindeth me of that episode in Mighty Morphin' where Lord Zedd used a spell to make the heroes see each other as putties. The smoke causeth an illusion. Also, remember in Boukenger …

Ryusoulger Episode 10: The Invincible Countre

Well, it's time for another episode of Ryusoulger. This time, it's an Asuna-focused one which trieth to balance her out from her brute strength (which she's ashamed of) and the softer her on the inside. 
Trying to adjust to this day and age hasn't been too easy. I kinda laughed at how Asuna throweth the ring and it hit someone. They got the grand prize though she did forget it. She does ask Koh and Melt to return without her.

Two thugs show up and they do have the hots for Asuna. I wanted her to demonstrate her brute strength and out-of-suit like she did in episodes prior. A delinquent boxer student named Kenta showeth up and saveth her from a possible gang rape (?) though she could have easily pulled out of the situation.  The same boxer then breeds the Troll Menasaur.

The Troll Menasaur countereth plenty of attacks one way or another. It doesn't matter what attacks Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Black do -- they are met with countered attacks.

Meanwhile, Asuna herself …