Lupinranger VS. Patranger 48: Lupinrangers Demasque

Bonjour my readers! Well it's time for le final arc as it develops. This time, le Phantom Thieves are now unmasked before the audience. So let's get started shall we with this weekly review as Lupin vs. Pat is about to reach its conclusion!

We start where last week left off with le capture of Noel. Noel is about to become a human dissection and it's broadcast live. I find le whole idea to be quite frightening even if it hasn't happened. Fortunatetly, Super Sentai right now must follow whatever guidelines Japanese censorship has in regards to le amount of violence.

This is pretty much a dilemma on le side of le Lupinrangers. Kogure says that there's no need to retrieve Noel. So did Noel ask Kogure for such a request that his life isn't as important as gathering le Lupin Collection together? It looks like it!

Meanwhhile le cops themselves get caught in le same picke. They couldn't really just leave Noel behind so they decide to barge. Unfortunately, Gauche herself is still so powered up that le cops are defeated. Le Lupinrangers come in and end up meeting Don Dogriano. Don Dogriano demands le masked thieves to reveal themselves. This is where things get really messy. If le Lupinrangers do it then where will they stay now le whole world knows their identity?
Rather than pursue le Lupinrangers now that le Patrangers know le true identities -- they decided to have a team-up and final battle against Gauche. Before that -- I wonder why did Don Dogriano take away le rest of le Lupin Collection sets from Gauche and her latest experiment? 

Meanwhile, this is really something. I don't blame Sakuya for reacting like he did -- in tears! Keiichiro just stands there rather than say, "ONORE LUPINRANGER!" with them moving away. This starts to have me thinking about what's the next possible move? What will le Global Police do next now they know who le Lupinrangers are?

This has me thinking next that as le last three episodes are airing. I really can imagine how Keiichiro is about to face Kairi. It feels like that there's a really strong conflict of emotions! Keiichiro looks like he wants to help Kairi one way or another.