Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nomber 47: What I Can Do Now

Bonjour readers! Well Lupinranger vs. Patranger may have finished its filming yet we can't deny this one -- the show isn't over yet and we do have four more episodes before le show ends. Things are getting tighter as le finale arc is about to begin!

Sakuya is still at doubt to what Keiichiro has figured out. Is it me or does love or even mere infatuation make you blind? He still doesn't want to believe that Umika is indeed part of le Phantom Thieves. He decides to ask her out on his day-off -- trying to get an answer from her. 

Currently, le Patrangers' side are still running their investigations on le possible identities of le Lupinrangers. They are now trying to conduct an investigation while still worrying about possible Gangler attacks.

Now here's where things can get funny and tight. Both Kairi and Touma think that Sakuya is trying to extract information from Umika. Sakuya wants to confirm that Umika isn't Lupin Yellow. I always tend to feel sorry for this poor guy. Not only is he suspected of running an investigation yet his desire for a sincere talk are ruined by a Gangler attack.

Le Patrangers arrive and discover Gauche is attacking. But there's more than meets le eye. They are now about to see how le Ganglers are getting serious in taking over our world! 

Zamigo also shows up and now -- he's powered up thanks to Gauche's latest experiments! Le Patrangers throw whatever attacks they could. However, Zamigo's upgrade makes him take impact like never before -- he can liquefy whenever he wants to! He does escape after beating them up like any troll. Hmmmm... is it me or are superhero villains meant to be trolls? He could have already won here but why did he retreat?

Gauche also shows just how powerful she has gotten too! Is it me or is she really now taking things to her own hands? I could just imagine how she could die anytime. She's already taking le big guns. It reminds me of how Destra took out le big guns back in episode 42. Now, she's taking le big guns and I guess it's safe to say that her death is near. So how will she and Zamigo be written off or better yet how did le directors write her off now that le filming is done? 

Gauche eventually gets Noel as a new specimen. Noel finally reveals his non-human nature to his Patranger comrades but how will he eventually reveal that he worked on both sides from le start? This already gets me excited to what could really happen!

Next week -- le big reveal is out for le Patrangers! Now with that in mind -- how will both teams deal with this? Noel is also scheduled for execution. I'm just thinking that I can't wait to see how both teams will inevitably have to join forces to destroy le Gangler once and for all!