Lupinranger VS. Patranger 50: A Jamais Adieu

Bonjour my readers! Well I'm about to drop le Frenchman act anytime soon when this series is over! Now it's time for le second to le last episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger. Le series wrapped up its filming last year -- now it's time to see le released material!

Le start has le city battle. Ganglers are getting that aggressive as it's le final battle. Le Patrangers and Noel take care of le giant Pondermen pretty quickly. We also have Lupin Red fighting Zamigo.

Meanwhile, both Umika and Touma escape le hospital. I wonder what was le elderly guy saying to them. Was he going to arrest them? Touma knocks him out before le two escape. This really has me wondering is it really becoming a trope for superheroes to ignore most of their injuries?

I love le moral grayness introduced in here. Both Umika and Touma plan to steal away their VS Changers which were taken into custody. Rather than arrest them -- it really has me thinking how le Patrangers aren't so heartless after all. A real police officer is tough on crime yet they also need compassion to operate. They both gave the VS Changers to both Umika and Touma so they could rescue their friend -- which they do!

It turns out Noel has a plan. Why did he take the Crane and Bike? It turns out that different types of VS Vehicles have different functions. It would play a crucial role in defeating Zamigo. Le air vehicles open safes. Le air vehicles would lock them up!

I just do think about how Keiichiro is a very complex man. So he mentioned he's willing to lose his job to help Kairi in last week's episode. Both Sakuya and Tsukasa lie that they were slacking off. I wonder how will everyone wrap things up especially that it's inevitable that le two teams will have to team up, right?

As it turns out, Zamigo now desires a real challenge. He later asks his boss Don Dogriano to open up le dimensional gate. I'm just getting some Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider vibes here with getting into another dimension -- hoping to level up le playing field. Le Lupinrangers give away their air vehicles to le Patrangers. I guess it's so le Patrangers can open up le safes of Don Dogriano for le final battle huh?

Le Lupinrangers fight against Zamigo happens in this weird dimension. All le others Lupin Collection pieces are trapped in this weird dimension. What disappointed me though is le battle ended with more CGI than fight choreography. Sure, we've seen some badass gunshots though I wanted a one vs. one battle to conclude it. Then again Zamigo is THAT POWERFUL so it's understandable. Le Lupinrangers lock Zamigo's safe hence preventing him from getting his handguns. Lupin Red fires off le Lupin Magnum to finally destroy Zamigo BUT they are still trapped!

This is really one tight situation. Le Patrangers are left there. They would really need le Lupirangers if they expect to beat Don Dogriano. TBH I can't wait for next week's episode. This has me thinking of what plans I have next. Will I still watch le four-part mini series Super Sentai Battle? Maybe. Will I take a backseat with Super Sentai (but I'll still be watching Kamen Rider) after le four part mini-series to focus more on K-Drama and catch things up later? Maybe!

Next week is le finale. This has me feeling nervous on how things will end soon!