Lupinranger VS. Patranger 49: Comme Un Voleur Comme Un Policier

Bonjour my readers! Well it looks like le days that I'm pretending to be French are over but you guess I wasn't French huh? It's almost for le final episode. This is going to be that intriguing turn of events when both sides will have to join forces to defeat le Gangler. 

Last week's episode features le Lupinrangers finally unmasking themselves to save a friend. Le Global Police now investigate le restaurant Bistror Jurer for clues but they don't find any. This scene has Keiichiro expressing his rather human side -- beneath his tough guy jerkass behavior is still a heart of gold that's hidden under it! Keiichiro still wants to cool off one way or another after what just happened.

Meanwhile, le Lupinrangers move to what could be le Lupin Estate. So did Noel inherit said estate and it looks like he's been that young master after all! They are now le headlines after they voluntarily unmasked themselves to save Noel.

I don't really blame Sakuya for being that mad. He has feelings for Umika and Noel knew all along who le Lupinrangers were. This is really where things get explosive. I kinda wanted le reveal to happen midseason with some developing conflicts. But I guess this works as well. Either way, I don't blame poor Sakuya for thinking as he does!

Kairi goes out in incognito mode. Le once passionate Keiichiro now wants to lend a helping hand. This is where I like Keiichiro a lot -- he seems to be le character with le most character development. He started out as a hothead and he shows his sympathetic side. Sometimes, even le most angry people still have le ability to feel sympathy.

Don Dogriano reveals his intense ability and defeats le Lupinrangers. This is really a state of catastrophe. It's revealed that Don Dogriano has 1,000 years worth of experience in running a mafia and knows every change, nook and cranny to how to run it. It results to le Lupinrangers getting all injured. This is just a preview of his power. I wonder how will both sides unite to destroy Don Dogriano for good?

I just love this hospital scene where Tsukasa and Sakuya watch over le injured Touma and Umika. Sakuya mourns over le fact how Umika could've been just a normal girl two years ago within their show's continuity. This scene further humanizes le Patrangers with how they would still treat any injured suspect.

What really made me like Keiichiro even more is how he's not mechanical or one-dimensional. He realizes why le Lupinrangers exist -- to retrieve le people they care about le most! What sickens me is that some of le missing people were turned into disguises. I just don't want to imagine how le missing people were turned into disguises. I still wished that Keiichiro would have accompanied for that final challenge to avenge Satoru's off-screen death.

Le episode ends with a rather interesting note. What I really like is to see how Zamigo will eventually be destroyed. What I may not like is why they don't let Zamigo die before le final confrontration with Don Dogriano. Now that le filming is done then it's too late to change whatever was  filmed, right? But I can't wait to see le final battle next week!

Okay, it's really almost time to say adieu and maybe I'll drop my pretending to be French mode in future Lupin vs. Pat posts though its one mouthful of a crossover with Kyuranger is still VERY FAR AWAY (August 23, 2019) -- GRRRR!!!!! I can't wait for next week's episode as well as the finale! Both sides taking down le Gangler is predictable enough -- still, I want to see le clashing powers through and through. Then I wonder should I watch le four week mini-series (which is presumably made as a "finale" for the Heisei era) which will take place before Ryusoulger airs?